Two different volumes on same NAS ?

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Two different volumes on same NAS ?

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I'm planing to buy 12 bay NAS this year but since models i look are all limited to 108TB of Volume size and i don't need Xeon version (xs series which allow 200TB but not having SHR) i wonder how should it behave in my usage if i have 2 Volumes.

I'd go with 8*16TB (6+2 in SHR-2) for Volume 1
and then rest of disks (3+1 would be SHR-1) Volume 2.

1. Is that possible or i misunderstood how does Volumes work on Synology (I never had capacity above 108 TB) ?
2. Aslo can those volumes be completely separate usage like I choose Volume 1 to be my work stuff and give it different users/privileges/folders than my Volume 2 which would then be used for PLEX, photos, all kind of media for rest of the house/family ?

Is that how Volumes work or my idea is conceptually flawed :).

Thanks in advance.
1 that is possible, create separate pools first.
2 yes, Although Permission's are set on shared folder level. For sure a shared folder is positioned onto (part of) a volume, so in practice the answer is sort of yes.
So basically it can work like 2 separate Drives in the old day when we had no NASes and we were splitting hard drive into C: and D partitions to "separate" work from gaming :) :D ??
You just have to be careful when creating the storage pool from the selected drives... make sure you select multi-volume support. Then you can create one or more volumes with the pool.

Depending on the number of bays, you can create multiple storage pools too.
Thanks guys.

Just out of curiosity, what is the benefit of multiple pools vs multple volumes?

I just think like:
- Volume1-WORK (8 drives SHR-2)
- Volume2-HOME (4 drives SHR-1)
and then create PLEX, Photo, Video on the Vol2 and rest / important stuff and work related folders are on Vol1.

Do permissions in accounts work per volume or just per folder ?
So basically it can work like 2 separate Drives in the old day when we had no NASes and we were splitting hard drive into C: and D partitions to "separate" work from gaming :) :D ??
No, it is not like that, there is no such thing as a drive in synology. Different concept.

There are volumes, and on that volume you create shared folders. That is what a user sees.
The concept is nicely explained on the knowledge base, best to read the basic stuff on pools and volumes first.

Your question on permission setting is answered in my first post.
Well when I've read official volumes explanation i wasn't sure, that's why i asked here'coz according to official info SHR-1 and SHR-2 are not supported option in multiple Volumes ???

See this quote:

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