Two NAS can't see each other on LAN

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Two NAS can't see each other on LAN

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Hi, I'm trying to set up Hyper Backup between two NAS on the same LAN (both plugged directly into router). When I type the local IP address of the destination NAS in the Hyper Backup setup wizard it says something like "failed to connect". The weird thing is that both units are running Tailscale and if I put in the Tailscale IP then everything works fine. I searched a bit online and came across some suggestions but nothing has worked so far. I tried turning off the firewall on both units, I tried different browsers, I tried switching the Tailscale IP for the local one after the setup, all to no avail. What could be preventing the units from seeing each other locally?
We would need more info. DSM, operations system windows/mac version, did you patch ntlm version, is HB vault running on the target, is owner of the target folder the same as owner of the HB source task, etc.
Here you go.

DSM, operations system windows/mac version
  • Source NAS is a DS220+ with DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 4
  • Target NAS is a DS120j with DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 4
  • Both NAS are accessed from different computers mostly running Fedora 38

did you patch ntlm version
ntlm appears to be a Windows thing, so not applicable?

HB vault running on the target

is owner of the target folder the same as owner of the HB source task
This is confusing to me. I only have one user on the source NAS and that's the user running Hyper Backup. I only have one user on the target NAS. I don't see how the two users could be the same given that they live on different units. When running the Hyper Backup setup wizard on the source NAS, it pops up a window that asks you to log in with user credentials for the target NAS. I would be logging in with the only user I have on the target NAS and that user has read/write access to the shared folder where I want the backups to be saved.
Looks good,
Regarding user: I have created the same username on the Target and Source NAS and created a shared folder with rights to that user, the target folder is owned by that same user.
Firewall use (always recommended) should be ok, as long as you allow the HB services on the correct port,
Although I have not resolved this issue, I have found a workaround for the time being. I thought I would record it here in case it might help others.

When plugged directly into my router, an ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8), the two NAS could not see each other. The router is a mesh wifi model with one main unit and one satellite unit. After plugging the target NAS into the satellite unit, the NAS can see each other. Go figure!

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