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Two NAS systems working together

Thanks, guys! Yeah, one of the factors in my RAM choice was that fact that I'll still have the original 4 GB from Synology, to use for debug or if I have any support issue. I also chose that particular RAM and NVMe because I found sources indicating each worked in various user or group testing, so I think the risk is relatively low.

Since I suspect 32 GB is total overkill for my needs, I could also probably go with a much smaller memory from Synology at similar price. I think the Synology 2x 4GB would be almost the same price as 2x 16GB from Kingston, and 8 GB RAM might be plenty for me. Heck, if I can buy a mate to the exact module that's pre-installed, I guess I could just buy 1x 4GB from Synology, and come out ahead on cost.

I don't really understand how RAM impacts system performance, for those not running a lot of packages on their NAS. Other than the obligatory Storage Manager, Storage Analyzer, and other pre-configured packages, the only additional stuff I'm running on this NAS are Media Server, Photo, Video, and Audio Stations, and Hyperbackup. I want enough memory that the system never slows and affects access speed, but that is all.

Your advice?
Your advice?
You would be fine with 8GB in total. I have a NAS with 8GB running 20 docker containers, all the packages you have listed, about 12 HB tasks, 6 ABB tasks and still it only uses 4GB of RAM in total. So your total RAM capacity will be more then fine.
Thanks, Rusty! I just ordered everything except the RAM. Once it arrives, I can verify exact p/n of pre-installed 4 GB, and just order a mate for that to get 8 GB total.

Synology RAM pricing is absolutely insane, 4x name brand (eg. Kingston) and 8x off-brand (OWC, NEMIX, etc.). If it were a more reasonable 20% more than name-brand 3rd party, Synology would probably increase their memory sales by an order of magnitude. They seem to manage that sort of ratio with HDD's, and only 2x on NVMe's, but not RAM.
I like 16 GB for memory. While that exceeds the CPU spec, excess RAM is used for caching which considerably speeds up things, in contrast to using the swap partition.
Interesting, I was not aware DS used RAM as cache. But it is a very small cache, which while maybe very useful for the files with which you're actively working, is not going to be any use in my prior situation of slow loading of hundreds or thousands of photo thumbnails when browsing photo or video clip directories.

I have no problem buying more memory, but if going larger than just one additional 4GB module, I'd probably be looking 3rd party. So it comes down to compromise of 8 GB Synology, versus 16 or 32GB 3rd party. The Synology RAM pricing is just too high to even consider going big with that.
I just ordered everything except the RAM.
Excellent! You are in for a fun ride with this model.

Looking to replace my current 4bay as well (918) but atm have no reason to tbh. If I had it would definitely be 923.

May it serve you well!

Here are some images of 10G capabilities from that model (but ofc with SSDs inside it)


Mac Studio to NAS


NAS to Mac Studio

So long term you have yourself a very capable and powerful model.
Yeah, that's fast! But it'd be the lone 10G component on my network if I added that option. :LOL:

I have tens of thousands of un-sorted or poorly-sorted photos, due almost entirely to the fact that browsing and sorting photos was so slow and painful on the old unit. Given the cache will only help me on the second or third time accessing the same file, I'm not sure how much better the new NAS will be in that specific regard, but I'm thinking maybe I can come up with some method or routine to run from a Windows PC (heck, even a batch file) that will force the NAS to start caching the thumbnails in the NVMe read cache. Maybe someone has already figured this out?

Of course, I know the new DSM also has an AI for sorting photos, but I know nothing about it yet, other than having read that it exists. That might actually dictate a new method for sorting photos, over what I've been doing the last 28 years, but that discussion probably deserves a whole new thread.

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