DSM 7.0 Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

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DSM 7.0 Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

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Hello everyone.
I have installed in slot1, 1 SSD (Volume 1): DSM 7 and all apps.
I have installed in slot2, 1 HDD (Volume 2): download folder and videos.

I wanted to move the temporary folder of DownloadManager to the second HD in the folder Download\temp.
Every time I go to :
DownloadStation-> Settings-> General-> Temporary location-> the selected disk is always Volume 1.
Even if I change it to Volume 2, it always goes back to Volume 1.
If I choose Volume 2, it warns me that it will close the program by restarting it in at least 12 minutes.
But it never does anything

I use VPN (rarely) Download Sation (often) DLNA (only for video files) not yet configured.
DSM just installed v7.
The disks NEVER go into standby, they are stationary with the light on, while LAN blinks frantically.
Can you tell me how I can understand the reason?

DSM 7.0-41222 (beta)
Download manager 3.9.0-4585 (beta)
1 SSD 128GB (DSM + APP)

Thanks to anyone who answers.
I don't use Download Station so not sure what's happening with the volume selection. As for hibernating the disks there are some packages that stop hibernation.
DownloadStation-> Settings-> General-> Temporary location-> the selected disk is always Volume 1.
Even if I change it to Volume 2, it always goes back to Volume 1.
I can confirm that this does not work on DSM7 DS version with multiple volumes. The reason is that DS temp location is part of /volume1/@apptemp/DownloadStation/...

The warning that you get is the fact that DSM should migrate and "install" DS on vol2 but that doesn't work.

ATM, would suggest just uninstall it and install it on the HDD/vol2. Living on an SSD volume will not benefit you that much regarding speed, so might as well just have that app on your HDDs

Also, even if you install it on vol2, going into the app, the temp location will be registered as vol1
Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 09.14.26.png

As you can see the temp location in DS is still vol1 even though it is installed on vol2 (bottom part of the image from package center).

Accessing it via SSH, it is clear that the @apptemp for DS is vol2 (left side is vol2, right side is vol1 same location - no Download Station folder)

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 09.16.09.png

So as I said, bug, but to play it safe, just install it on vol2
First of all, thank you both for your replies. ;)

Hi fredbert.
Regarding hibernation I have tried to stop all stopable packages.
The situation with respect to DSM6 is strange.
In the resources I don't notice anything particularly abnormal.
But the "status leds" remain fixed for the HDDs and the LAN one is frantically flashing.
Without making any particular noise about HDD use
But as for the Synology article, pretty much anything could make the drives not go to standby, when before with a raid 0 but DSM6 it would go.
Now with two separate disks not in raid but with DSM7 it has this abnormal behaviour.
My disappointment is not being able to get a clear and detailed picture from resource centre.

Hi Rusty.
I understand you think it's a bug too.
I'll try removing and installing the program itself on the second HD and let you know.
When I remove it I make sure to do a cleanup and keep track of everything via ssh.

Update Temp folder Download Station:

1-Removed Download Station. Deleted the database by ticking the check mark during deletion.
2-Rebooted the NAS.
3-Reinstalled the Download Station by selecting Volume2.
4-Open the settings, selecting "Volume2" as the temporary download folder.
Usual warning of the 10 min time it will take to stop the application and move the temp archive. But it does absolutely nothing.
5-I don't think about it and try to download something, nothing.
Temporary downloads created on Volume1 ! :cry:

When it finishes a download, it moves it to the folder that I have decided, in Volume2/Shared/Downloads
But that option to choose the volume of the temporary folder does not work at all.


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One way to see what's happening on the NAS's network interface is to use SSH and run tcpdump.

Using ifconfig to list out the interfaces you should see a lot of info per interface. The left hand will have interface names, such as eth0, and depending on the NAS type there may be eth1/2/3 etc too. My 2-bay has one LAN interface and it is eth0, but the 5-bay haas four LAN interfaces that are bonded together as ovs_bond0. So my 2-bay command would be:

sudo tcpdump -i eth0

But that also captures the packets that are in the SSH session, so let's remove all info using ports ending 22 (change to whatever your NAS's SSH port is).

sudo tcpdump -i eth0 | grep -v "22: Flags" | grep -v "22 > "

The two grep commands say to ignore lines that match these strings.

Now you should be able to see what's happening on the interface. Use ctrl-C to end the dump.
Thank you for this command line. It is very useful.
I finish some downloads put to test download manager and use this command check network traffic.
Maybe I'll find something for hibernation.
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