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Two-way RSYNC

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Two-way RSYNC

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Throwing this one out to the brains trust...

I have two local NAS units (which I'll call 'main', 'backup') as well as an offsite NAS. There are around ten shared folders on the main unit. Currently I'm using Shared Folder Sync on a schedule to replicate data of around eight of these shared folders as a one way 'push' from main -> backup and main -> remote, which works well - simple, effective, no additional software to install.

I wish to change the use of the offsite NAS to be a branch office NAS, so I would like to have a two-way sync between the main and offsite NAS whilst still maintaining the one way push from main to backup units. I'd probably only require half of these folders to be two way synced.

What would be the best and/or simplest way to do this? I've looked at Snapshot Replication, but I'm not sure if this will work.
The lack of home drive syncing makes it a little problematic, but not necessarily a showstopper.

What is more worrying is I heard there is a hard limit of 1,000,000 files - I've way more than that on the master NAS.
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Also I didn't think Drive worked great for us Mac users ? Or am I just using it on the NAS?
re Drive:
- Drive 2.0 works great with all OS in our small group (8 internal, 24 external accounts in my office; in different NAS for my family), include all possible cross-platform sync in real time (SmartAPP - iOS/Androis, DesktopClient Win/MacOS/Lnx, WebClient). Of course, limited by your internet speed connection (WAN) and your LAN infra. Also you can use realtime sync of your primary Drive to another (different NAS) Drive with Syno package Synology Drive Share Sync - great for me from data availability and data backup point of view, really short RTO/RPO.

- never heard about the 1M file sync limitation. Double checked in official Spec - not mentioned. Then it must be just a rumor.

- re Reddit screenshot - hard to say what was wrong in this scenario, but as I have seen many times (in this forum, in other sites) the main reason has been just wrong setup of one of all dependent systems/features in row or weak connection. This is typical angry post based on hurry system implementation, absent simple and clear mind for preparation stage. ..... You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Just try it, it will take few minutes or one hour from your life. May be you can get more as you expected. Good luck.

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