Two way Sync not working as expected.

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Two way Sync not working as expected.

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Hi, I've set up a Two way Sync in Synology drive share sync between my home nas and my work Nas. I set the work nas up as the remote where I chose the folders I wished to Sync to my home nas.

The results are newly created files appear on my home nas and if i delete or rename these files on the work nas they update on the home nas as expected. If i move the files out of the specified work nas folder they are deleted from the matching home folder. So that prt works as i would have expected.
What isn't working is any files renamed or deleted in the home nas folder are not updated in the work folder.

Could anyone give me any clue as what this is and how to resolve it as i would have expected the two way sync to work as it is named?

Secondly I don't understand the update notifications as my test folder (the only one i shared) only has 2 or 3 files in it for testing purposes but the notifcation constantly pops up stating 100's or 1000's of files are updated?

These are my settings below, but I have tried all the options.


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