Info U.S. Government files antitrust lawsuit against google

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Info U.S. Government files antitrust lawsuit against google

I will be surprised if this goes anywhere as look what happened to Microsoft. Slap on the wrist and don't do it again. Having said that I think something is going on at Google. This year they didn't release an XL version of their phone and discontinued the PixelBook.

You also have to look at the recent restructuring of GSuite, now workspace, and the end to unlimited storage. The founders also stepped down a couple of months ago. Does make you wonder if the bubble is about to burst.
The only difference I've read about is that a certain President has it in for Google. This particular challenge was launched before the elections to get it on the books regardless of the election outcome. As it's been rushed, there could be issues with the challenge as the legal team for the US Government asked for more time.

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