Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, game-changer in consumer & SME segments

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Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, game-changer in consumer & SME segments


this thread will explain an advantages of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller - main management console of all Unifi appliances in your network(s).

By contrast to Synology SRM, the Unifi controller is running anywhere:
- personal computer, laptop, covered by all OSs
- Docker (see in forum Resources)
- by Docker anywhere - in your NAS or all cloud resource providers (AWS, Azure, Google, ...)
In Ubiquiti they call it as:
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform is an end-to-end system of network devices across different locations

Advantages of the Controller independent location operation (by NAS):
- by docker - secure (up to your NAS setup) availability from anywhere, include internet
- by docker - backup/restore point of your whole Controller by Hyper backup is really easy
- by docker - you can run more than single controller for test of upgrades from vendor. When something is wrong, you can switch the last working version by single click. What a great fallback, it really save your mental health. My scenario.
- great with Reverse proxy

As was written in previous wording, by this Controller you can manage (by single point of management):
- your local networks - wired and wireless
- your WAN
- your sites - when you have 2+ different independent sites of operation

For newbies - example of sites operation:
- your primary home site with all connected devices (router, switch, APs) include end points (PC, NAS, cameras, phones, printer, ...)
- secondary site of your parents covered by independent Unifi network appliances
- third site, e.g. of your small business office (of course it’s applicable for big one also)

For first touch you can try this official live demo from Ubiquiti Unifi

I will continue with advanced education for you (basic features). When you have a question, post it!

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