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Ubiquity Community - Forum change


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Looks like Ubnt also changed their forum style; a lot of unhappy folks over there as well. Seems like post are now through tags as opposed to discussion topics. Are all forums heading this way? I don’t understand why change something that works


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Once upon a time, we had USENET... and then Google Groups arrived to destroy the land... o_O


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Thx for my decision to move 2M ago to Unify platform (router, switch, APs) I have no issues in my also in company network, then I have no idea about U-community.
SynoMan/Rusty community is enough for me :) , of course with all of you gents! Sometime we need limited our digital life, because we lose the real.


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It's a trend for some community admins. I guess it's a matter of taste, but I never liked that kind of discussion boards. Hard to navigate or find anything.

Well, maybe we should invite them over here :D


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I have a full UniFi setup at home. I stumbled into the new community the day it went live and wondered what in the world had happened. My first thought was they’d f$#ked it just like Synology did. At least they have the balls to own up to the mistake. Time will tell just how much they manage to fix it.

What I don’t understand is, why?? Why mess with a perfectly functional platform and turn it into a steaming pile of 💩 ?

It costs momey to do it, and, you alienate your entire customer base and piss off the very people you use as a resource to help sell and support products.


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It looks like Synology are using their own forum software.

It's not the first time they've made mistakes with writing that.

I've never known them admit to them though.... pride before a fall and all.


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I can answer why.
You can see anywhere around you:
  • people aren’t rational.
  • there are tons of “non-experienced” people who do their business based on “I think”, but they don’t listen
  • internal development (UBQT CEO confirmed). It is not about how many JS developers I can bring, or what perfect framework is it. It is up to - if I have an idea - is it in line of my customers expectations?
  • if it’s out of the basic expectation, how I can manage it?
  • .... then the enabler of the “do it better” is based on listening, then thinking.
They have a feedback. It will take a time and cost when they repair the current job.

But people do same job in still same way - again and again. An example- how many people bought NAS, then they are unsatisfied, then ask for a help, the just start an understanding about the possibilities of the NAS. This is the real life.


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I don't care. Bought a bunch of POE access points from them. Hooked them up to a Cisco POE switch. None of them worked. Turned out they were originally designed to only work with their POE switches. They then changed the design to - gasp - meet industry standards. However they didn't change the model number or version number. So I ordered WAPs that said they met spec, but they were old ones that didn't.

Send them all back and purged Ubiquity from any future vendor lists.

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