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The problem is Ubiquity added 803.2af capability mid run of the product. They changed the advertised specs yet didn't change the model number. When you ordered the APs there was no way to know if they would work or not.
I thought that was on the AP AC-Lite? The packaging was slightly different, but yeah, wasn't the best way to handle a change in product spec.
The devices were the AP AC LR access points. Tried with the following switches - Cisco 3750, Cisco 3850, Cisco 2960, Adtran 1531P.

The problem is not in your switch HWs.
The problem is not in the Ubiquity AC LR Access points.
The problem is not in Ubiquity.

The problem has been in AP architecture preparation phase:
See in official Ubiquity description for this exact AP ... link
... page no. 14
Powering the UniFi AP
Use a UniFi Switch with PoE or a Gigabit PoE adapter for power.
single-pack of the UAP-AC-LR includes one Gigabit PoE adapter. For multi-pack units, we recommend using a UniFi Switch.

My point is still same:
Sometime one hour of preparation will save lot of hours or cost in roll out stage.
There is no hiden information about this exact AP HW vs PoE possible options.
Yes, cost of multipack is better than single AP, but as you can see - w/o support of your switch (PoE) architecture. except usage of Gigabit PoE adapter as is mentioned in the document. Then all of your negativity about this Ubiquity AP issue is based on your mistake or insufficient preparation.

Lesson learned:
For rest of this forum readers, please read carefully information from vendors. If you’re not sure, google or ask for a help (also here), then purchase. Otherwise you will meet such traditional example of fatal mistake.
Further reading, I'm not the only one that got caught by Ubuquity's incompetence:
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The link you posted is for the quick install sheet of which are at best of limited use. Refer to the actualt datasheet here:

On page four it states that the UAP-AC-LR is 802.3af/A POE compliant. The devices I received were not and were returned for that reason.
Lesson Learned: Read the data sheet.

I can’t help you more than advice: read with understanding
1. at the page no. 4 (mentioned by you) = no mention about compliance, just about the mode supported. Next you can read how - by Unifi Switch or by PoE adapter.

but when you will read this Product data sheet to the end, you will find in page no 9. detailed and clear information about your problem - see the evidence in screenshots:
Power method by Power supply from the Adapter (because there is rxact pair setup mentioned)

Just to be sure (PoE spec):
PoE implements two ways of supplying DC power over the Ethernet cable. In mode-A the wire pairs which are also used for data transmission are used to supply the power. This would be pairs 2 and 3 (pins 1,2 and 3,6). Mode-A is also known as "Phantom Power". In mode-B the power is supplied via the wire pairs which are unused.
If you have time, you can read this link, there is clear explanation of different PoE implementation in different switch vendors (even Cisco new/old models).

Next evidence from your Product sheet, also in page no. 5:

All clear. Just need more, than Product sheet evaluation. Just use google before you make a purchase decision.
As I wrote, you can save more than money. A time.
I think you guys are getting a couple of different products mixed up.

The AP-AC-Lite had an issue where early models were 24v Passive PoE ONLY, ie, not 802.3af, you had to check the packaging to determine which was which. Ubiquiti could/should of handled that a lot better.

The AP-AC-LR had no such issues as far as I’m aware.
Thx @tb123 for your point, but all my answers have been related to @DennisT entry:

The devices were the AP AC LR access points.

When AP Unifi AC Long range (LR) is really different than AP AC Lite, they still have same product list description regarding PoE, need pair type A for 802.3af spec and recommend power supply by PoE adapter, except Unifi switch environment.

I read lot about an incompatibility before my decision to use Unifi environment. But it was more than year ago.

when you put in google: “unifi supported PoE protocols”
you will find this kind of aware from official Ubiquiti web:

All UAP-AC-LRs with a date code of 1624 or board revision 15 and following ones support 802.3af in addition to 24V passive. All UAP-AC-LITEs with a date code of 1624 or board revision 31 and following ones support 802.3af in addition to 24V passive. Board Revision information can be found in the UniFi Network Controller within the properties panel of each UAP in the Details > Overview section.

Note: you can find the date code in sticker from AP package:

Date code means:
first two digits - year ..16 = 2016
last two - week - 41 = 41th week of the year

when someone sold the AP with this mentioned revision without an awareness to Denis, then it was irresponsible seller or seller who doesn’t care about goods, or seller who doesn’t understand what it means. Finaly, most problems come from such seller’s behavior. But I learned from many my mistakes, then need to be prepared to ask the seller about more important questions from preparation research. It was my point from beginning - don’t undervalue the preparation stage, because then is your faul = time lose in roll-out. It is common folk.

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