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Question UDMA CRC error count

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As I've said elsewhere, I've populated my DS1019+ with existing HDDs. Looking at the Health Info, I can see that two of the drives have high drive reconnection counts, which equates to UDMA CRC Error Count in the SMART attributes. One has a count of 93, the other a whopping 93,667. If I look in the History tab, no errors are recorded there, which presumably means that they all occurred before the drives were mounted in the NAS.

Am I safe to assume that the errors were caused by the previous SATA interface, rather than the drive itself, and as long as those error counts don't increase further, then I needn't worry?
Is storage manager reporting the array as healthy? if so and you aren't noticing anything strange performance wise I wouldn't worry about it.
Those type of errors are typicaly caused by improperly connected or faulty SATA data/power cables.
I hightly doubt that this type of error even qualifies for a harddisk warranty case.

If you compare the email reports of your monthly harddisk intergration checks, you should see wether the number grows or remains static.
Thanks. Drives reported as healthy. I’ll run a full SMART scan when I get a quiet period, and keep an eye on those emails.

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