UK working visa application for EU member

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UK working visa application for EU member

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The creative soul who creates this immigration questionnaire to get a working visa to the UK has earned a doctorate in behavioural psychology. Maybe two.


But why the limit to 1000 characters? No possibility to insert images or video attachments.


Does anyone at those offices really expect someone to write something like "YES, I'm a terrorist or/and a war crime maker" and send it with the feeling that he/she will get the visa?
I do not prejudge that we have such resourceful creators in the EU as well.

I'm not sure that the human brain uses more energy than any other human organ for some members of this civilization.
Would be interesting to visit the links for "Terrorist Activities" and "War Crimes" to see more details. Can you share the links (vs screen shot)? I think @fredbert has a point about lying on an official form. Ron
Would be interesting to visit the links for "Terrorist Activities" and "War Crimes" to see more details.
I am *not* googling that!

Just checked... it can involve running non-Synology memory on your NAS, or installing SDDs/HDDs that are not on the compatibility list.

Who knew? 🤷‍♂️

use the big green button: Start now
but it’s in the middle of the application steps, you need provide detail like scan your ID/passport, …
I understand what labor market protection means. No doubt.
Gaining visa for skilled workers (UK definition), which according to the UK qualification system has 70+ points is quite a demanding process (from the point of view of the process, not from the point of view of points achievement). The UK Home Office has been verifying my son's university education for 3 months. The approach to this process is sick: send us this, we have 10 days to study received. They follow that period. The answer really always came on the 10th day. However, there has been always a new request for another document. And the next 10 days were in the air.
The official verification of the education and its alignment with the UK education system had to be carried out by the 3rd party UK private authority, which again dealt with it for a month. And it was an education from a university that belongs to the top in the field. Of course as a paid service.

There is a huge overemployment in this world. Anywhere. The states spend huge costs on something that can be solved much better without the cost of such achievements. This civilisation is sick.

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