Unable to resume or fast forward 4K video

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Unable to resume or fast forward 4K video

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I am having problems playing 2160p contents on my 55"QLED Q7F 4K Smart TV (2018) from my DS 415play using Samsung's DS Video app. Video will freeze every time when I resume from where i left off or fast forward & backward.

After discussion with Synology Support, it seems that it might be the limitation of the DS 415play since it doesn't support transcoding.

Migrated to DS 918+ yesterday and I am still having the same problem.
- My network is end to end 1Gbps
- I have no problem at all on 1080p and below resolution

What could be the possible problem here, could it be due to certain configuration of DS Video or the TV configuration?

Any help would be appreciated.

918 has transcoding features and I run it fine. Still, are you transcoding 4K back to 4K and then playing? If so, no device will be able to deliver that considering its a brutal process. 4K transcode down to 1080p that's different and that will work.

So you need to get info from VS server-side what's exactly going on when and if it's transcoding. I have Samsung Q65 65" and it works just fine, but I use Plex (VS is not my cup of tea).

Are those MKV rips or what?
yes MKV rips. Not tried Plex as I am good with DS Video.

So you mean to disallow transcoding and try again?
Well not sure what to suggest here considering I don't use VS. If you are fine with it, then I suggest you wait for some more answers from users that do use VS.

Thanks for your input!

Lets wait for more answers.
yes MKV rips. Not tried Plex as I am good with DS Video.

Well....except you're not. You're having this problem. And you even tried upgrading to a more expensive machine to solve it.

This is exactly why so many of us have switched away from Video Station. Yes, if you twiddle long enough, you might find a magic combination of settings that kind of works, but I'd suggest you consider trying Plex. You don't have to commit (and Video Station doesn't have to know...); it takes only a couple minutes to install; do so, and give it a try with one of your problem mkv's. If it works smoothly, then you have to ask yourself whether you're really married to Video Station, or whether you'd like to save yourself a lot of time and trouble by switching to something that Just Works.
My 2p on VS and Plex, purely on ease of install and setup ...

I've trained the family to use VS on Apple TV HD and 4K but we don't have much that's higher than broadcast 'HD' (i.e. 1280x720) just a few 1920x1080 and everything is M4V (MP4).

However what @akahan says is right, I've installed Plex* and created libraries that use the same folders that VS and AS use. You don't need to duplicate media storage. My initial reason to use Plex was to add a non-Apple/iTunes music player to my Apple TV, since there is no DS audio app for this.

As for VS the same is true for Plex ... don't mix video media types between movies and TV. However, you can adjust which online tagging services (and hierarchy) each type uses, which makes life somewhat easier than VS's strict TVDB for TV and MovieDB for movies.

The DSM hardware transcoding (IIRC) requires the paid Plex Pass and a NAS that supports it** but you can see how things go and then do a month's Pass as a trial.

*initially the Package Center version but now use the more frequently updated package from Plex itself
**currently only five Synology NAS support

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