Unable to update Synology packages

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Unable to update Synology packages

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All I get is:
Unable to update "<package>". The free space of system partition is insufficient. Please contact the Synology support team for help.
They've basically told me they've deleted logs.
Asked me to reboot the NAS.
Asked me to Data scrub the storage pool.
None of it has helped.

Anyone got any idea, please?
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No idea why installing a package requires the system partition, but it does.
They have apparently cleared the logs and don't appear to have found anything.
Only 3rd party package I have is so I can use wireguard.
I've moved from ALL synology packages except docker and php.
Pretty much EVERYTHING is running in docker except webstation and the above 2.

I'd rather not reset the system as other than this issue it's all ticking along rather well.

They pointed me at:
On my main NAS if SSH to it and run df -h this is what it looks like.

I'd be looking at that / row and start checking the usage of directories that are not list in the other rows. For instance, if I sudo du -h d-1 /usr, other than a lot of 'Permission denied' messages, I see it's using 1.6GB of space. That's 1.6GB of a maximum of 2.3GB. The other big directory is /var at 298MB. The rest are at most a few MB, but mostly KB.
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df -h

sudo du -h d-1 /usr
I get 1.5GB of space used, with
using 743MB of it.
is using 181MB.
cd /
ls -al
I get the following interesting item:
-rw-r--r--    1 root        root  20480 May 25 07:17 SynoUpgrade.tar
should that be there?
The main output is:
Pretty much EVERYTHING is running in docker
Docker containers can be an issue in the absence of persistent volume mappings. If any of these are downloaders, I would consider them first.
They're all rigged up with persistent volumes. :)

Just to quickly say thanks for all the ideas and help! :)

I have just destroyed the containers and removed the non persistent volumes but no change.
I'll be rebuilding the containers with new mappings to resolve those tomorrow.
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Thanks @fredbert good to know that's correct.
Not sure where I move next. :(

I now have nothing but persistent volumes in docker and have made sure any temporary volumes have been deleted using portainer.
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Hmm, looking further down at the volumes.
volume1 isn't owned by root and group root it's owned by one of my service accounts and group users.
I have no idea how that happened, very odd, but I think that's probably a separate issue.
I would methodically [i.e. tediously] go through each of the /<dir> locations that aren't listed in df as a separate mount point. See if using sudo du -d 1 -h /<dir> reveals if there is one that is eating up space, because something has used up the rest of your 2.3GB system partition.
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@fredbert will do, thank you.
Synology support came back saying he'd been on annual leave and had I changed the password?
I pointed out he'd been logged into the system for over 19 hours and then (after changing the password) noticed the username he was trying to use was incorrect.
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Is there any way I could run:
sudo du -d 1 -h /
and exclude the /volume* mappings?

Yes I can:
sudo du -d 1 -h / --exclude=/volume1 --exclude=/volume2

Ok... I may have found it:
532M /volumeUSB1

I have NO USB plugged into the device.

OK I've rm -r the sub folders and I've got 80% free now!

How best am I to safely remove the /volumeUSB1 ?
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You can usually find help in DSM command lines using <comamnd> --help. There's an exclude parameter for du.

Both these do it, long and short form parameters.
sudo du --human-readable --max-depth=2 --one-file-system /
sudo du -h -d 2 -x /

Use this to display in MB and then filter out (| grep -v) rows that start the line (^) with a single character (.) then M (that's small stuff 1-9MB):
sudo du -BM -d 2 -x / | grep -v ^.M

This is my DS1520+
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Updates are now successfully installing! :D
Just need to safely remove that folder.

@fredbert and @Telos thank you so much for your help with this!
Synology Support - 1 week, nothing useful at all and they ended up trying to log in with the wrong user account.
SynoForum - 2 days, solved.
Ok... I may have found it:
532M /volumeUSB1

I have NO USB plugged into the device.

OK I've rm -r the sub folders and I've got 80% free now!
That sort of thing happens when a device that has been mounted on that directory is removed but there are still processes thinking it's there. They will continue to read/write to that directory unaware what the external storage is missing. What these processes will do it use the local directory itself as the place to read/write data.

Later if the directory is re-used as a mount point then the local data inside it will be hidden until the device is unmounted.

I've seen this on Mac and there are remnant directories in /Volumes. It can sometimes cause issues with remounting, or the next time the name is incremented ... so be careful to check when scripting access to external devices as the mount point may not always be what you think it is.

On Mac I've made sure the device is not connected, checked the local content if any and saved it elsewhere, then deleted the rogue directory. Never done it on DSM.

If you have a USB drive (or the USB drive) then you could connect it and see where it mounts. Then decide what to do with this directory.
I may have found it:
532M /volumeUSB1

I have NO USB plugged into the device.

OK I've rm -r the sub folders and I've got 80% free now!
Just FYI... but that is 20% free. Mine (DSM6) is 50% free FWIW.
Yes, I'm on DSM 7, I'm willing to bet that takes up the extra 30%.
Though I could check that with my 414j...

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