Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus worth it for 2 AP's and 2 camera's

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Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus worth it for 2 AP's and 2 camera's

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I move to a new appartment in 2 months and was thinking of getting a Unifi PoE switch, 2 U6 AP's and 2 G4 Domes. I also have a Synology DS2118+, so I can run the Unifi Controller in a docker and use Surveillance Station for the cameras. I have my own firewall.

Is it worth is to buy a Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus for this small setup? Or should I ditch the Unifi cameras and replace them with another brand to use on the Surveillance Station.

If I don't use a cloud key, and use Surveillance Station, should I buy different brand cameras or would those G4 Domes still be adequate, dispite not using Unifi Protect?
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