Unifi VLAN creation & migrating clients

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Unifi VLAN creation & migrating clients

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I'm trying to setup up specific networks on my unifi gear to handle different types of clients. I am struggling to get my office computer to migrate from its original network to the new network, and still be able to access the network and internet. Currently, I have the following (note that LAN is the original non-VLAN network that clients were originally on, and is what all the VLAN's are connected to):



I don't have any special firewall rules set up for the new networks except for what unifi automatically created when I created the VLANs. There is one rule at the Internet level that is for port-forwarding 443 to my NAS, but that's the only custom rule I have created:



The following is a list of the current clients and the IP address/networks they are on. Note that is the IP for the NAS that is hosting my unifi controller:


Sooo... I was able to successfully move some of the wifi-connected devices from the original "LAN" network to their new networks. The roku for example, is able to stream videos on its new network. I have tried going into the device settings for my switch, selecting the Port 20 that my computer is hard-wired to, and changing the Port Profile over to "Main" to try and pull my computer to the Main network, which should be 192.168.2.xx. However, after switching, my computer will show up in the client list as being connected to Main, but it will still show an IP of Furthermore, I lose all network connections on my computer at this point. I cannot access my unifi controller, and I cannot access the outside internet.

I have completely disabled the NAS firewall, so it shouldn't be a problem with blocking the new VLAN.

I lucked out because I had left Server1 on main and so was able to log into unifi from there and undo my changes to Port 20 and then connectivity came back on my office computer. What am I doing wrong? I thought that as a default, all unifi VLAN's should be able to talk to each other until I created firewall rules specifically forbidding it? Why did I lose internet access? Why won't the computer local IP update to the new network?

I can access from my phone when it is connected to LAN Wifi and see the unifi controller, but I cannot connect to it when I'm connected to the Main wifi.

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