DSM 6.2 Unknown Taken Date Photostation 6

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DSM 6.2 Unknown Taken Date Photostation 6

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Yes sports fans its another one of these. But I think my question to the hive mind might be slightly different so I beg you patience.

I have many of these and I have found out the cause of it, my partner sending me the pics via WhatsApp and they all show up with no EXIF data. The date and time is in the title but nothing else.

So after much searching I have got hold of a lovely little program EXIF Date Changer ( I wont link as I cant remember the rules) It works a treat and I can do batches and it reads the date from the title.

Here comes the rub, how do I search and download easily all the ones that fit the no EXIF data. Because I have around 1000 of them to do! and I cant believe I have to download each individually.

Any help oh masters and mistresses of SynoForum would be gratefully received.


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