Unqualified (local) DNS lookup

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Unqualified (local) DNS lookup

I'm wondering if it's possible to configure Synology DNS to provide a default domain when an unqualified name is sent. I can't see anything in the GUI or documentation that talks about this.

My old system uses dnsmasq as the DNS server, and when set with the --domain option, this will only forward FQDN requests, not local names. Instead, it looks up local names by appending the default domain name.

I'd like to make use of the same feature in synology if possible - it's so much nicer to "ssh nas" than "ssh nas.mydomain.com". However, Synology DNS seems to forward these upstream.

Any info would be appreciated.
Usually this is a feature of DHCP (option 15 iirc)...the default domain is passed to the client by the DHCP server when they are given an ip lease.
I'm not sure offhand whether this is configurable on the synology DHCP server; have a look at whatever is doing DHCP on your lan.
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What do you mean by Synology DNS? DNS Server package or something in DSM?

You have to add a value for the default domain into whatever DHCP server you use. The DHCP client devices will then append this domain when you use just a host name. Of course you have to be querying a DNS server that resolves that default domain.

You resolve to LAN IP if you run DNS Server for you personal domain and have this as the primary DNS server that is set in DHCP. Add the DHCP setting to set the default server, and you're good to go. Just reserve IP for clients in DHCP and create corresponding A records in DNS Server.
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