DSM 7.0 “Unsupported File Type” for All Items in a Windows 10 Synced iCloud Photo Library

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DSM 7.0 “Unsupported File Type” for All Items in a Windows 10 Synced iCloud Photo Library

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Hello Synology Friends!

I recently acquired a new 1821+ and set up Active Backup on my Windows machines. The backup tasks appear to be executing fine. Today I decided to test and verify the backups. Most of the backed up items seem intact and are able to be browsed/downloaded/restored from the AB portal.

However, there is an issue with one of the Windows machines and a subset of the items that are being synced via iCloud. On this particular device, there is an iCloud account syncing to two of the folders. The device is using Apple's iCloud for Windows application to sync those folders.

For purposes of clarity I'll break the iCloud items into two buckets.

Bucket 1: iCloud Documents is syncing to /users/[user]/iCloudDrive
Bucket 2: iCloud Photos is syncing to /users/[user]/Pictures/iCloud Photos

Everything in bucket #1 seems fine. I am able to download items from the AB portal as well as restore them directly.
Everything in bucket #2 appears unretrievable. It cannot be downloaded from the AB portal, and any restoration attempt results in an error. The errors occur for all file types in the bucket, including GIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

(It's worth noting that I am able to restore and download image files from bucket #1.)

Error messages attached - the first one from a restore attempt, and the second from a download attempt. Identifying info redacted.

I tried Googling as well as searching this wonderful forum, but came up empty. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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