Update 5 released (for 2600ac)

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Update 5 released (for 2600ac)

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It appears that update 1225-5 has been released for 2600 router

But in the 2600 area it also has other mesh model versions…. And the 6600 firmware is also still there also! So much for separating the model versions!
It's available for these...

Version: 1.2.5-8227 Update 5​

Important Note

The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed the issue where SRM might fail to send notification emails via Outlook service.
  2. Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-22:06).

And the vulnerability being fixed is the Netatalk one that was alerted a few weeks ago. If you don't have AFP file sharing enabled then you won't have the vulnerability exposed.

I'm not sure quite what the issue is that you're experiencing. The 'All Downloads' link is really useful as it provides access to all the available updates for all things (it's how I create the lists of latest updates). But to use it you do have to look at the file names of the installers to check which apply to your devices: the DSM and SRM installers are much easier to decipher as they contain the actual model (e.g. rt2600ac) in the file name, whereas for packages you have to know the CPU.

Personally, I think it would be a bad idea for Synology to start filtering the 'All Downloads' archive pages. For those that find using difficult they can use the download page for their selected device and for others wanting to see all downloads for all devices they have the archive pages.

if you folllow the link to downloads, by model number, up till the time they dumped 6600 firmware in, it has always been separated by model number..... You only saw updates for your model...
Now everything is dumped into all folders.... as if they wanted to be certain everyone sees all versions for everything....
I don't dump my prom files for one product into folders for other products..... Just because they are prom files...... that would be sloppy, and cause problems....
Can you share the link that you are taking about because I'm confused which one is the problem. All I see in the archive downloads pages is this structure: Type (OS, Package, etc) -> Thing of this type -> Version -> Installer files of this thing of this version for all devices. This hasn't changed with the release of RT6600ax or SRM 1.3.
OK, so it's the pages and links I thought. But the link does say 'All Downloads' and the version folders only have updaters for the specific devices... clearly named.

If you, for example, select NAS and DS110+ you'll get the list of all DSM versions. That list will have DSM 7.1 versions at the top even though the DS110+ stopped at DSM 5.2. It's been like this for DSM since I've been aware of these archive pages.
Yes all downloads — based upon prior criteria: “Network/Rt2600ac

There is a somewhat simelar thread on finding 6600 in rt2600 folder at other place.

Like I said: I would not place prom files for Sony VTR & Sony Switcher in the same place just because they are all prom files. No, I’d place them in separate folders: VTR’s (by model & board #) and same for Switcher (models & boards).
We disagree on this, obviously.

The All Downloads isn't a link to a search tool, it's a link to all the downloads for SRM using a folder style view to make that part of the file system web-accessible. That hasn't changed. If you don't want to see that then just stay on the Downloads web site and use the filters on there that create dynamic links [mostly] to the unfiltered web-accessible file system folders.

For me it would be a pain to have to keep going up and down link hierarchies to get DS215j -> DSM -> vX.YY.ZZZ then back up and down to DS218+ -> DSM -> vX.YY.ZZZ then back up and down to get DS1520+ -> DSM -> vX.YY.ZZZ, Then the same for each package that used different CPU architectures. Then all again for both RT2600ac and MR2200ac.

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