Update on DSM7 - VMM does not work! :-((((

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Update on DSM7 - VMM does not work! :-((((

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Hello everybody.

I have a BIG problem with my Synology NAS DS716 +.

Today I updated DSM from 6.2.3-25426 to DSM7.
After the update I noticed that the VMM is not compatible with DSM7, so it no longer works.

I didn't read anything about this in the upgrade notes and installed the update accordingly !!!! :-(

Is it possible to run VMM on DSM7 so that my VMs keep working and running?
Is there an alternative ??

I would be very grateful for an answer from you.

Best regards
yes, installed version 2.5.0-9432.
If i connected to DSM... the VMM App is already stopped and i have no access to VMs etc.
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I have the Solution... it works now!
With the new .spk-File of VMM does it run with DSM7.

Virtual Machine Manager
Release Notes
Compatibility and Installation

Updated to be compatible with DSM 7.0 Beta.

What's New

Supports up to four IDE devices.
Displays the status of VMM Pro licenses on the Overview page when they are not available
This thread was related to VMM on DSM 7 Preview. But now we're well into DSM 7 as the official latest major version. Just go to Download Center and select your NAS and find the installer in Packages.
Here's the release notes for VMM...
And where to find the VMM package installers...
Thank you @fredbert. I wasn't able to find the URL of Download Center while googling the name of the VVM SPK. Since i'm using it on an unsupported DS416Play, it wasn't available through normal ways.

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