Updated Docker package 18.09.0-0505 available

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Updated Docker package 18.09.0-0505 available

An updated version was uploaded on 14th August 2019 :)

The updated was flawless, the existing containers were restarted.
Seems fine so far.

Though, again this version leaves a sweatbitter taste: 18.09.0 is the inital relase of the 18.9 version from 11th Nov. 2018, without any bugfixes or CVE fixes. I strongly hope that Synology just messed up the version numbering OR backported all fixes to this particular version. Again Synology provdes a CE version from the year/month branch after end of the support period from Docker Inc for this particulare version - marvelous!

Indeed the installed version is based on 18.09.6, which was general available on 2nd May 2019. Gentlemen, we actualy received a Docker CE that has active support from Docker Inc (of course the UI is still a concern of Synology)
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After figuring out that swarm works, I wrote a compose.yml to check wether there is a general problem with overlay networks.. The ingress mesh routing does not work, though.

The example uses traefik as a reverse proxy and uses the dsm's hostname as a routing rule to determine the target container. The target containers are a replica set of 3 instances.

version: '3.7'

    image: traefik
        condition: any
       overlay-test: {}
      - published: 8080
        target: 80
        mode: host
      - published: 8888
        target: 8080
        mode: host
       - type: bind
         source: /var/run/docker.sock
         target: /var/run/docker.sock
    command: ["--docker", "--docker.swarmMode", "--docker.domain=traefik", "--docker.watch", "--api"]

    image: ehazlett/docker-demo
      mode: replicated
      replicas: 3
        condition: any
      - traefik.enable=true
      - traefik.docker.network=overlay-test
      - traefik.backend=docker-demo
      - traefik.web.port=8080
      - traefik.web.frontend.rule=Host:dsm
      overlay-test: {}

    driver: overlay

Requires `swarm init` before execution. Started with `docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml overlay-test` (overlay-test can be replaced with any other name for the stack)

Check the dashboard with http://{dsm-hostname-or-ip}:8888
Check the application with http://{dsm-hostname}:8080

Why would someone use swarm instead of docker-compose? configs and secrets! Though, swarm is way less powerfull than docker-compose and does not unfold its full potential on a single node.
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@Telos: you might revert to the latest 17.05 release. When the container is created with docker-compose or docker stack deploy, the environment variables are missing in the resulting container.

Oddly, containers created before the update, still keep their environment variables.

Container started with `docker run -e` or from the Syno-Docker-UI are not affected.
I did test all varations earlier, because people claimed ENV variables wouldn't work and I couldn't belive it *cough*
I used 18.09.6 CE and EE on severall machines and osses without any problem.

I find it rather funny that the release notes specificly point out the updated version of docker-compose, while it appears that the qa team either didn't test it at all or made tests that had not any environment variables (like i did a couple of poste above). Though, the bug seam not to be located in the docker-compose binary, as docker swarm stack deployments are also affected.
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Your assumptions are correct, but there is no ETA.
For time beeing the workaround for 18.09.0 is to either start containers with the UI / `docker run`, use the ui to manually edit the envs for exisisting containers or export container settings, modify them and import them again.

I am still on 18.09 and don't feel like downgrading it, because the containers I am running existed before the update. I am currious about what will happen if watchtower detects a new image, pulls it and re-creates a new container with the same params from it. My important stuff is (still :/ ) running on a three node Swarm cluster and moving the containers from Syno to the cluster is not that much of an effort.
But it's ok... When you download new image you get a number like this here:

capture 2019-09-01_01-12-50_PM.png

And when it disappears you know it's downloaded.
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Lets see what 18.09.0-0506 brings to the table :) Thanks for the update!

Quick test:
- env variables fixed for `docker-compose`
- env variables are still removed for `docker stack deploy`
The new package has an oddity. While the withdrawn buggy version had a consistent number for the docker-cli and daemon. The new package has a newer cli version, while the daemon remained the same number. That the fix does not apply for Swarm deployments gives the impression that the fix is done half-assed. Having to fix a product with high pressure usualy results in a lack of proper qa - though, reputation wise, a lack of proper qa might hurt more than having to wait a couple of days more...

There is something shady with this fix!

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