updating iMac,what happens with Synology NAS ?

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updating iMac,what happens with Synology NAS ?

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A fairly recent beginner to Synology NAS
I wanrt to upgrade my iMac to a new model - what happens to my NAS ?
Do I have to back everthing up and start from scratch; I understand, I think it will retain all my files, but I also have Hyper backup and what wouls happen to Synology Drive ?
Sorry if this is simple stuff but I am unsure how to proceed
Thanks in advance for any simple English advice
Welcome to the forum.

Hyper Backup is for backing up the NAS to another storage device, nothing to do with backing up the Mac. I would pause the Synology Drive tasks in the old Mac's Drive agent. Then use Mac's Migration Assistant (find it in /Applications/Utilities) to migrate the old to new Mac. The new Mac should be recognised on the network as a different device to the old Mac.
Many thanks for your swift reply, much appreciated.
I would REALLY like to do a complete clean installation of the new machine; would that complicate matters ?
Paul (France)
I would REALLY like to do a complete clean installation of the new machine; would that complicate matters ?
Not really. Once you have the basic Mac setup completed you can install the Mac Drive agent. Then create two-way sync tasks and your files will become available on the new Mac. In your Drive agent, on both Macs, I would make the General settings to be that when [re-]linking to the NAS then the NAS content is considered to be true view of the files...

What you're proposing isn't really replacing a Mac but more like adding one, like I have a Mac Mini and Macbook Air that access my Drive content. Both these have backup tasks in Drive agent that upload one-way some of my local Mac files: which I could manually access and copy to the other Mac.

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