Updating Portainer Stack Images - Best Practice

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Updating Portainer Stack Images - Best Practice

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I'm curious what approach y'all find best for updating images used by stack deployments.

A brutish method is to delete the docker images, and then redeploy the stack.

Alternately, one can select each container manually, and then "Recreate" with the image pull option selected.

Any thoughts there? Other methods (using Portainer).

And a question for the obsessive/compulsive users here... When I launched a Bookstack stack, the containers appear with a simple Image label... for example, "lscr.io/linuxserver/bookstack:latest". However, if I stop the stack and make any change to the stack compose file (ex. change an external port) when I restart the stack, the individual container's Image name is more cryptic… for example... ".433ed418c483" ... Is that purposeful, or a "bug". If I then stop the stack, delete its images, and redeploy it, the Image name reverts to "lscr.io/linuxserver/bookstack:latest".

Thanks in advance 🎅
This is my method, maybe you can get useful information from it!

For the Portainer stacks I have a pull script that downloads new images once a month, I have this inserted as a scheduled task. Once the new images are downloaded I do an "update stack" via portainer and all containers are updated with the new images.
Then I remove all old images via portainer.

For my docker containers which are not created by portainer stack, but with docker-compose up command, I also have a script which looks like this:
Example for standardnotes containers:

docker pull standardnotes/syncing-server-js:1.42.9

docker pull standardnotes/api-gateway:1.27.0

docker pull standardnotes/auth:1.29.0

docker pull redis:latest

docker pull mariadb:latest

docker pull ericpierce/standardnotes-extension-server:latest

docker pull bytemark/webdav:latest

docker pull standardnotes/filesafe-relay:stable

Docker pull standardnotes/web:stable
sleep 10

cd /volume1/docker/standardnotes/server
docker-compose -p "standardnotes" up -d

I created a scheduled task for this as well and just need to manually click run and everything is updated.

For standardnotes, I have to do this manually because of the version tag which has to be updated first every time. But for containers that use the latest tag this could be set as a task automatically.

I don't know if my method is good but it works for mine.
Other methods (using Portainer).
Download a new image (CLI or Portainer), and then just use the stack editor, and hit the "update the stack" button. This will recreate the containers in a stack using the latest image.

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