Upgrading HDD Drives... "Deactivate Drive, Hot Swap or Shut Down NAS?

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Upgrading HDD Drives... "Deactivate Drive, Hot Swap or Shut Down NAS?

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I'm Upgrading two of my 920+ Drives for the 1st Time. Originally Setup with two 3TB and Two 4TB's...all IronWolf.

I'm replacing the 3TB's with 8TB's and I've yet to find what is the preferred (safest) method to perform the Drive Swaps. I am going to do only one at at time and perform a Health check on each before adding them to the pool.

Most, it appears just pull the Drive when its running, while others do a complete shut down. Neither of the 3TB's are Faulty and will be reused.

But what about the Option in the manager in Storage: ACTION..... "Deactivate Drive" ,,,,, this appears to be the safest so the Drive is not spinning at any time during the removal... though it would be the same as a complete shutdown.
Deactivate drive is preferred. If you had an open slot, the "Replace" feature would be the least risky.

Until the new drive is assimilated, you are at risk for catastrophic loss (should another drive fail during rebuild). Before you deactivate the drive, be sure your backups are up-to-date.

I recommend running a data scrub to "heal" (presuming btrfs is involved) any file inconsistencies before drive deactivation.
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Thanks for the confirmation Telos, as "Deactivate Drive" seems to take a Back-Seat to Hot Swapping..... Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

In this case, No Open slots are available. I'm running SHR, so Hopefully the "Extended" Drive Health Test before adding to the existent Pool should suffice to find any faults.

The plan is Deactivate Drive> Power Down NAS> Pull & Swap drive with Larger> Power Up & Perform Extended Test> Add to Pool> Pray.........

I know this simple act is done all the time, but just trying to insure the odds are with me.
That sequence will work, but once the drive is deactivated, there is no need to shut down the NAS. Simply exchange the new drive for the deactivated drive.
Hopefully the "Extended" Drive Health Test before adding to the existent Pool should suffice to find any faults.
That is an entirely different matter. The data scrub I suggested confirms that your data integrity is good before you pull an existing drive. Once that drive is pulled there is no more redundancy to resolve existing file corruption, and any existing corruption will be passed along to the new drive.

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