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Upgrading NAS- how to expand

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Hi, I'm very much an amateur at this NAS thing but love the potential and I want to learn more. I've been using a synology DS216+II with 2 6TB HDD in RAID1 configuration and have run out of room and my system is slower than I want so I decided to make a big upgrade to the synology DS1621+. My question is about setting up the new system once it arrives. Do all of my new drives also need to be 6TB or can I populate it with 4TB HDD? I was thinking of getting four of the 4TB HDD that have a drive speed of 7200rpm and I was hoping that I could somehow transfer the data to those in either a RAID 5 or SHR configuration (more likely would do SHR) and possibly get rid of the older/slower 6TB drives. Is this even possible? Or do I need to keep the older 6TB drives in the mix (I will have 6 bays so I guess I could...is there a downside to that?). l was hoping not to have to spend the extra money in buying all 6TB drives but will if I have no option.
Thanks! And pardon my ignorance.

Why 7200? What are you using the NAS for? What do you feel is slow?

You can do HD migration…

Check the RAID calculator and see what would you like to add to reach the desired total capacity.
Do all of my new drives also need to be 6TB or can I populate it with 4TB HDD?
Depends. If you are planning on moving the 2x6TB over and expand the array or are you starting fresh with fresh drives? Give a bit more detail on your plans regarding the drives across these 2 NAS devices.
The NAS is for home use- storing tons of photos and home videos. Eventually I would like to learn how to set up our own family cloud fo more multimedia. I don't need the 2x6TB to achieve the desired total capacity. I could get by with the 4x4TB easily. Does mixing older and potentially "slower" HDD with newer ones sacrifice speed or quality in anyway? If not then I could put them all in and do whatever is easiest. Obviously I'm not very savvy at this so I'm looking for the simplest solution but I don't want to sacrifice speed or quality. Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone
What make/model of drive are the 6TB discs? Given their size I doubt they are that ‘old’. Even 7200 rpm discs do not have much influence on transfer speeds to/from a NAS.

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