Upgrading to DSM7 from DSM6

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Upgrading to DSM7 from DSM6

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here in this forum.

Just want to ask simple question. I'm planning to upgrade my office SA3400 , VirtualDSM & DS918+ from DSM6.2.4 to DSM7.1.

What should i take note before i upgrade?

What will be the impact after upgrade? as i used quite alot of features in synology such as drive client , replication ,hyper backup and few others.

Currently im on DSM6.2.4 . Do i have to update to latest DSM6.2.4 update 6 first before proceed to upgrade to DSM7?

Thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Update for your 918 can be done by visiting the following link, and there you will find the "path" wizard that will tell you what updates in what order you need to do in order to get to the target DSM version.

Regarding you vDSM on your SA model the principle is the same. Follow this link to do the similar update path.

As to your general question about update impact. Well overall it should all work just fine, but you have to prepared that some apps/services were replaced with new ones (like Photo Station and Moments that got turned into new Synology Photos), as well as the fact that DSM7 no longer supports 3rd party USB devices (apart from outside HDDs and general storage devices). This includes, various tv tuners for example and any USB powered devices other then drives.

Also, if you are running some 3rd party packages via Package Center, those might not be already updated to DSM 7 (but considering it has been already a year since this version is out that is less and less the case), so be sure to double check if those are indeed prepared to operate on the new OS. If they are not, you might consider running them inside Docker that is working with no problem on version 7.

Apart from this, it would be recommended to do a backup before update (if possible), clone your vDSM if you want for a quick recovery in case something goes wrong, but all in all, it should be pretty painless.

If you have any more questions you could list what you are using just so members could potentially detect any apps that they had issue on their end when they were updating.

Plex is a 3rd party example that needs special care. It should be uninstalled before moving to dsm 7 and later on perform some permission corrections to get back on track. Maybe this will help out if needed and if you are using Plex in the 1st place.

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