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UPS for DS1819+

Well I plumped for the APC BE-700G and it's all installed. Gave me the chance to tidy up the wiring on the desk. The UPS is now on the floor under the desk, out of sight

Hi Adrian. I also want a ups to go under my desk so I need it to be quiet in normal operation i.e no buzzing etc while it is charging the battery. Reading around, it seems that this can be a problem with some models of ups. If you don't mind me asking, what is your day-to-day experience noise-wise with this model?
I've not had it long but it doesn't make any noise and is silent in operation

Good to hear!

If you don't mind, one more quick question - how are you connecting it to the NAS? Looking at the APC manual, the data port seems to be an RJ45 which, for auto NAS shutdown, they suggest needs to be connected to the NAS by an RJ45/USB cable. The manual also says that they don't supply such a cable 'in the box' due to environmental reasons(!), but that one can be requested from support, free of charge - does this square with your experience or did they try and charge you (or did one come in the box, regardless of what the manual said!)?

Many thanks
All I can say is that mine came with the cable. Plugged the USB into the NAS and RJ45 into the UPS. I think it is the newer models that don't come with the cable.

Hhm, just had another look and the manual for the APC BE-700G does indeed say that the cable is included. However, checking with APC, they say that the 700G is discontinued and has been replaced by the BE850G2 - that was the manual I was looking at, and that's the manual that says RJ45/USB cable is not provided but is available on demand, FOC....I feel a conversation with APC Support is forthcoming to confirm this - especially since their web site says that the cable costs £48 i.e. almost 50% of the cost of a new BE850G2 !
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the manual I was looking at, and that's the manual that says RJ45/USB cable is not provided
Cable IS included (APC website)


Well, that sux.
Guess I'll first have a chat with APC Support (tomorrow) and see whether they'll live up to what it says in the manual (basically, ask and you shall receive😉). If not, I certainly won't be buying their grossly overpriced cable.

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