UPS Legrand Daker DK+ (3kVA)

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UPS Legrand Daker DK+ (3kVA)

Synology, TrueNAS
Operating system
  1. Linux
  2. Windows
Definitely change "custom" UPS driver for DSM, what was unstable to STABLE solution based on:

1. UPS device Legrand Daker DK+ 3000VA (stackable) .... really perfect deal (price and features, upgrades)
2. Ethernet card for Legrand (Generex) CS141b sk ... purchased today (not cheap, but works perfect)
3. 20 minutes of setup - Legrand (Generex) web app:


4. Propagated SNMP UPS Server for all of connected devices (4x NASes, 2x computers, Unifi devices, ...)
and then:


Tested for all connected NASes and computers. WORKS!

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