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I have a Mecer ME-650-VU UPS which I use to protect my Synology NAS.

I have connected the UPS to the NAS with a USB cable and configured the NAS to shutdown gracefully 1 minute after the AC power has cut off, and then switch off the UPS.

I have done a test by switching off the AC power supply to the UPS and it works as described above.

However, when I switch the AC power back on, the UPS does not automatically switch back on - I have to physically release the on/off button, and then press it in again to get the UPS running again. Then the NAS switches on automatically.

Is there a setting somewhere that will allow the UPS to automatically switch back on when the mains power is restored?
Usually is and on my last 3 UPS brands there was a setting to reboot the system, usually after a set of parameters are met - often the default position is to require a human to hit the button so some judgement can be made about the power outage. The options on basic UPS models can be very limited indeed though, if any at all.

On my current UPS I have it set so that no reboot is attempter until at least 20% battery is available and 2 minutes has elapsed, to avoid nuance reboots when the power is tripping on and off. I then stagger the sequential restarts on my 3 NASes by 5 seconds, just to smooth-out the demand. In an ideal shutdown sequence the NASes go into safe mode and then power off in sequence before triggering the UPS itself to shutdown (using my main Synology to act as a UPS server):

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 17.37.23.png

Don't forget that the Synology NASes must be set to reboot too, once power is available again and W-o-L is also required:

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 17.41.19.png
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