UPS Safe Mode and shutting down of Permitted DiskStation Devices

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UPS Safe Mode and shutting down of Permitted DiskStation Devices

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I have my Synology plugged into a UPS with USB. I have the Synology setup so that it will shutdown my server before it enters into safe mode using the built in network server. This all works. It works if I set a time, it works if I let it wait till low battery.
The problem is when the Synology decided to do this, it will send the shutdown command to my server and then the Synology will immediately start going into safe mode. Doing this before the server shuts down will crash the VM's running on it. I can't find a way to have the Synology wait after sending the shutdown command till the server turns off or at least just a set amount time long longer than immediately before it starts going into save mode.
My work around right now is having a windows VM running on the Synology so that after it starts shutting everything down it still has to wait to shut down it's VM before going into safe mode giving me more time but there has to be a better way.
I have tried to find an answer to this but I can't find anyone talking about this problem.

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