UPS support and Synology from update 6.2.2-24922

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UPS support and Synology from update 6.2.2-24922

Sorry to go back to the basis, but is there any way that the USB cable/UPS port could be defect or maybe the USB port on the UPS could have been deactivated thru the UPS setup menu?. What model you said you got? Can you try with another UPS (of course everybody keeps a spare UPS in their closet just in case 😜 )
it was my first attempt to check list - no change :-(

  • same USB cable inserted to my Win10 machine, UPS recognized, works .... still connected to same UPS
  • I have >50 unused USB cables, there is not the primary problem.

- all the NASs have same last DSM upgrade, then no chance to test a difference scenario.
Me too just lost my UPS config after my last reboot (also on 6.2.2-24922), at least that what's it says: "No UPS is connected"
View attachment 291
But when I disconnect/reconnect my USB cable, I get this in the notification center
View attachment 292
So the NAS is clearly still recognizing the UPS.
A few moments later ⏳(with a French accent)
Now, after reconnecting my USB cable, and waiting 5 min, the UPS is back! Go figure! 🤪 o_O
Do YOU get any notifications too when you unplug your UPS?

View attachment 293
tested - I will wait till morning, maybe the NAS need a glass of beer.
tested - I will wait till morning, maybe the NAS need a glass of beer.
If I were you "I" would too 🍺 🥴
1. When you connect/disconnect your USB cable, anything gets written in the logs
2. Have you tried connecting to another USB port on the NAS (you have more than one?)
3. Is your UPS still in Synology supported devices
Compatibility List | Synology Inc.
4. Can you try this sequence: I read that : "I found that shutting down the DS, then the UPS, connecting the USB cable, switching on the UPS, then the DS was the only way to get it to be recognized reliably."
(and keep an eye on those logs)
the last one is really cool - for the power outage :) and NAS auto -start procedure
so back to reality:
  • 5 USB cables changed, double checked between my UPSs (they work with workstations)
  • I can't see UPS in USB port from SSH
  • UPS is from Legrand Darker DK+ .... not listed, but recognized by NAS till this update
Already installed vendor CLI Linux UPS control box to NAS by SSH. Just need install few libraries (missing in DSM) and make symbolic re-link. Not time for do it today, but I will inform you.
I reported earlier about my success in getting my UPS (re)detected by the NAS (FYI, I never changed/moved the USB cable in any way). But of course, something else has changed. The day after my update, I had a house power failure - and yes the UPS took the NAS down. And with power restored, it brought it back up as it has done for years. BUT this time, it didn't power on the attached DX510 unit - I had to press its own power button. I've always assumed that the dedicated eSATA cable provided the signalling to bring up the external cabinet - but not this time. This could be a one-off and I'm in no hurry to test it, but it's a bit of a co-incidence.

As to the other points regarding UPS's - my collection has grown to four, all protecting other non-computer devices therefore without auto-shutdown protection. These are non-brand units with very old bespoke software (unused/lost!), so I bought the APC Back CS350 just for the NAS because it was specfically supported by Synology. It currently reports 150 second power up time - I'm sure it was longer - perhaps time to change batteries?

I've had to replace ALL the sealed Lead/Acid batteries in ALL my UPS's over the years - never buy proprietary APC - ludicrous pricing! Two things: if you don't know how to deal with (potentially {in joke?}) high residual voltages, don't open the case! Also, the 'sealed' battery moniker is not always justifyed. I've seen the acid gel leak out - I was lucky to have replaced the batteries when I did otherwise there would have been a right corrosive mess leaking out of the UPS.
the APC Back CS350 just for the NAS because it was specfically supported by Synology. It currently reports 150 second power up time - I'm sure it was longer - perhaps time to change batteries?
On one of my BackUPS ES-BE700G (single RBC17) it's reporting 1717 seconds with two DS2nna, RT2600ac, three external single disk drives, ISP router/modem, R-Pi, and switch. These are to the four battery backup sockets (with a couple of 4-way extensions), not the surge-only sockets.

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