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USB hub for DS1621+

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I just recently upgraded from DS1512+ to 1621+ and noticed it only has 3 USB ports vs 6 ports on 1512+. I have 3 USB drives and I also need to connect a UPS. Did anybody had to use a USB hub. Any recommendations? Looks like DS1621+ has USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports.

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I use an unpowered USB 3 hub with a DS218+ running 6.2.3. It's connected to two WD Elements 3.5" drives and an APC UPS. Also used with a DS215j.

It's not this as the two I have (branded Lenovo and RCA) are no longer on Amazon but this looks like it, except this one has an addition uUSB power connection on the end. No guarantee that it'll work.

Tested my second hub with the DS1520+ with a USB flash drive and 2TB pocket drive: they mount in DSM.

Also tried the second hub with the DS215j which is now on DSM 7 beta: two flash drives mount in DSM.

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