RT2600ac Used 2600 to be cloned or manually set up as Mesh

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RT2600ac Used 2600 to be cloned or manually set up as Mesh

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This is gonna be fun.... I've been collecting dead 2600 router's, and need to post a question on how to.....

First Dead 2600 has chip that burned a hole into the motherboard... End of Story on that one!! o_O

I'm far luckier on the second one..... Boots but has a dead WAN port.... HOWEVER, using LAN1 as a WAN, I've got the router configured as a router.... and it's been working all afternoon.... :)

It was updated with 1.3.1-1 update on arrival.... and with exception of Dead WAN Port.... it is OK.... !!

My Question.... How would one manually configure a 2600 as a mesh, to another 2600 after it was set up manually configured in order to get LAN1 to be a WAN?
Ok. Decided on cloning the existing router, as opposed to a mesh addition. ( Linksys E2000 working fine on garage now)..
I have old router config saved, as SA & TP of old router.
Regarding 2600 config restore:
I want to keep a different IP on new router.
I want to keep the new QC NAME and device name on new router.
But don’t want to load serial number from old on to new router. I checked all setting on restore did that and issued error involving 10 second reset again!

But other than that I want to clone all settings.
I will upload the pix of restoring settings page later tonight. Not home now

I want to clone existing router, and realize because of hardware failure, will probably have to go back and reset LAN1 as the WAN.

Sorry for not uploading restore options pix, away from house. But will do so later tonight.

Always pushing the envelope!! Thanks
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here's he recover Config settings.... In order to CLONE all but Serial Number, IP, QC address Which to check which to NOT Check?
(I realize on this unit, I'll have to go back in and re-direct LAN1 as WAN, as the WAN port on this unit is dead....
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Overall, other decisions were made, and a complete clone could not be tested simultaneously due to IP and WIFI Conflicts...
So manual settings were implemented with one router at .1 and another at .24 both connected to different modem outputs...
That allows testing via either, via LAN or WIFI (Which one is at high end and other low end of each RF Group...

Tested to see if any CPU or RAM would be saved by Decreasing the amount of Channels each WIFI would allow (down to 20 from far higher— later in evening down to 10 per).. and maybe 2% CPU savings, no RAM that I can see...

Also note that I'm monitoring both channel's RF using inSSIDer software... off different laptop.. to see if any of the reported drops in signal level can be seen.... Both 2.4 & 5 appear solid off 2 different 2600's over a 3+ hour time period...

Tests continue with 2 2600's....
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