Using a Western Digital MyCloud in place of Diskstation?

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Using a Western Digital MyCloud in place of Diskstation?

Western Digital MyCloud
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Hello to all, this is the first forum of any kind I have ever joined, and, I am not sure this is the right one to post my question. If not would aomwonw kindly point me in the right direction?
I have owned the 2600ac router for about 2 years now and presently can't afford a diskstation but I do have a 4GB Western Digital MyCloud. Is there any way to install the Disk Manager software on MyCloud and possibly use some of the packages as well?
I appreciate any help, guidance, advise, at all.
Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately no: like Apple is a hardware company first (to date) with a secondary services business Synology is as well, though Synology's services business is a lot less advanced. Likewise WD is a hardware company.

Their primary goal is to sell hardware and often the services business starts as a way to help this. The attraction of the hardware is to bundle it with even more attractive software that cannot be used elsewhere. DSM isn't a standalone product that can be installed on non-Synology hardware, at least not officially. Xpenology exists but it's not built to run on WD MyCloud, rather a self-build Linux server.

What are you looking to run? There are a few user-focused packages for the RT2600ac:
  • File Station
    • plus file sharing services
  • Cloud Station
  • Download Station
  • Media Server
Thank you for the quick reply. Right now my needs are mostly storage based. I had a school based 1 TB One Drive which I just cleaned out and migrated to the WD NAS. My idea is to store all of My Documents, Pictures, Downloads, etc. , shared and accessible on the local network, but not accessible from the Internet. I am an amateur photographer and so keep all my pictures there along with my Digikam photo databases. I would also love to be able to do offsite backup with Backblaze since it's the biggest storage bang for the buck as far as I know. In essence, a Local One Drive with just me accessing it from home for now. The MyCloud has a built in media server which I never use, however at some point I may want to stream music or video, not a priority now. From a storage standpoint I am quickly coming up on the time when I need to upgrade my system, which is another issue because, as I understand it, RAID 6 gives the best balance of security and speed, so a NAS enclosure with 4 halfway decently sized drives begins to get a bit pricey. I welcome any thoughts, advice, etc.

Considering that you are looking into getting some more services up and running, most Synology NAS units will offer that, but it will come to you to decide on the space needed for all that. That will in return give you the idea of what model and what drives to get. When you get to that point, you are welcome to ask on the forum or search for a similar topic.

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