Using an analog phone remotely with VoIP (not NAS related)?

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Using an analog phone remotely with VoIP (not NAS related)?

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Hello everyone,

I want to connect two locations (different countries) via VoIP (Voice over IP) but I'm not sure if anything exists to do what I want.

The way I see it:

Location A has some kind of an adapter that connects to the network with an RJ-11 port that can take a regular, analog phone line.

Location B will use an IP phone (or an app) that connects to the internet and uses the adapter in location A to place calls –and receive them if possible, but outgoing calls only is good enough– like if it was local. I don't need any VoIP service, just the two locations connected. It can be over a VPN so it's like if the phone (or the app) is on the LAN or a port forward on the router.

The only VoIP phones I know of are the Cisco phones that are used in offices (mostly multinational companies). I want a simple and cheap solution for home use.

I found things like this, but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance for any help.
my fritz!box works like this using a VOIP provider, I know draytec vigor has modem routers that can do this as well..
if it is just the connection between two locations, why not use skype, teams or 3cx.
Thank you @EAZ1964. But that’s the thing. I don’t want the service of a VoIP provider.

if it is just the connection between two locations, why not use skype, teams or 3cx.
Sorry, maybe it’s not clear. I want to connect to another location and use the Analog phone there while I’m thousands of miles away without the need for any service providers.
sorry I really do not understand the question then, the landline part is not clear to me.
Voip, including provider can be managed for almost free, a landline cannot.
sorry I really do not understand the question then, the landline part is not clear to me.
It’s not your fault. The pandemic flushes out the crazy ideas :)

House A has a landline (POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service). Say the phone number is 555-1234
I want to use the landline in house A from a remote location (another country) to make calls from the 555-1234 number above.

Maybe it's not VoIP. Whatever it's called. That's what I'm asking. If anyone knows of any device that can do that. The idea seems simple but I can’t find anything for it.
I replaced the land line by Voip. input is handled via SIP on the fritzbox.
that eliminated the subscription cost for the land line. My Voip subscription is prepaid, so incoming calls are at zero cost. (Most calls are via cellphone anyway).
Once you are digital, you can do the things you mentioned.
I don’t think you can connect landline via voip call.
That sounds sensible in this day and age. I think what I'm looking for doesn't exist, most likely because there's no market for it as it's of limited use, it won't add much value in this –as you said– digitally connected world.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Bro, just seen this and hope by the time i am responding it is still of help.
At Location A where you have the POT/Landline, you need an FXO VoIP Gateway e.g Yeastar TA410 , Grandstream GXW4104 or a single port one. Then install an opensource PBX such as FreePBX. Register the IP Phone in location B to the FreePBX and setup a trunk between your FXO gateway and your FreePBX. The FreePBX can be at location B. If you have a legacy PBX at location A with POT lines, i sugest u use an FXO gateway.
Hello, I reached this thread by chance so I don’t know if my answer is still of any values. But I'm using the requested configuration since about 10 years already. There is a tutorial on how to do it (in French) here:
I myself using a spa232d. The location A is my home with a land-line and a private internet access. The location B is anywhere I'm traveling in the world with an internet connectivity (4G, 5G or wifi hotspot). I receive and place call from B through my personal android phone that is supporting native SIP account in the phone app. Actually in a network connectivity point of view it is just like my android phone is viewed being in A, even I'm located in B.

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