RT2600ac V1.3.1-2 released!

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RT2600ac V1.3.1-2 released!

DS 718+, 2x-DS 720+
  1. RT2600ac
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Saw a note on DS ROUTER!

Installed it from DS ROUTER on iPhone.

Can’t see TP Status from APP, but CPU & Ram elevated for 4 min after it came back, which is about time TP takes to load after Ext Drive is installed after reboot.

From what I see from within DS ROUTER it’s working. Via WIFI can obviously we surf.

After 10 min exam of CPU/RAM After 5 mor min of just watching…. CPU a couple % less, RAM couple % more. But housekeeping may be going on. Dunno from this position. Later this morning more tests from computer on LAN
First time for updating through DS ROUTER…. Having a spare router makes one oblivious to dangers! Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead! (Also one more confirmation that repaired unit IS repaired)!! 😎
We have opened a thread for discussion here:

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