Verify my sad CMS observation?

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Verify my sad CMS observation?

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Can anyone confirm my findings?:

In CMS Group & Policy settings, there appears to be a problem with waterfalling the Event Notification for "USB Drive full," under "External Storage."
As far as I can tell, enabling this rule turns OFF the notifications on joined Diskstations, no matter which checkboxes (email, SMS, etc.) are checked in the CMS host.

The result is that if I WANT my Diskstations to alert me by, e.g., CMS or email, and I enable this rule and check those boxes, they are disabled from doing so. It's the opposite of what one would want and expect.

I imagine that most folks are not actually using CMS, but, if you're one of the lucky(!) ones who are, I'd love to know your result on this.

I find that if I set a CMS policy in my All Servers group that enables Event Notification for the USB and eSATA events then the boxes ticked reflect as I expect in both my NAS.

But actually getting the events to occur and test alerting ... haven't done that.

I think that the CMS notifications are sent through the CMS host NAS, so that would mean that NAS needs to be configured for notifications (email, SMS, mobile, etc) in Control Panel.
On a little further testing, I’m finding that turning off notification of full partition on the external drove in the CMS settings turns off BOTH notification for the full partition and also notification for full external device (drive) regardless how notification for full external device is set. So I think that’s the least for me. Thanks for exploring this with me... I winder if you could double check my results on that?
For me 'full' is the Low capacity warning event and for USB disk/partition this is set to alert when 5% remains.

I've played with different setting in both these events: change the enabled alert mechanism; enabled the event mgmt in CSM but no selected mechanisms; disabled the event from CSM mgmt. The selected configurations in Control Panel always are as I set in CSM.

I have to quit Control Panel and relaunch to see the newly applied CSM policy ... every time I do a policy test.
I now see what I did - I was an idiot, and had two different policies affecting the notifications, which were conflicting with one another. All good now; thanks for forcing me to take a second (third...) look!

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