SRM Update Version: 1.2.4-8081 Update 1

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SRM Update Version: 1.2.4-8081 Update 1


DS720+, DS418play
  1. RT2600ac
  2. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
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  1. iOS
Version: 1.2.4-8081 Update 1

Important Note

The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly.
Fixed Issues

Fixed the issue where SRM might not work properly when values of QoS were close to those of Internet bandwidth.
Fixed the issue where users might fail to access devices within the same local network via Synology Router's public IP address.
Fixed the issue where SRM might not be updated to the latest version.
Fixed the issue where users might fail to access SRM via L2TP VPN.
Fixed the issue where the Guest Network settings might not be applied properly.
Fixed the issue where devices might fail to connect to Wi-Fi points when devices on the guest network were not allowed to access the local network.
Fixed the issue where the option of center alignment at the Login Style tab might not be available after SRM was updated to version 1.2.4.
Security Updates

Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-20:22).
Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Qualcomm's lbd service (CVE-2020-11117).

Synology really needs to come up with updates that actually enhances the routers with new & improved features instead of bug fixes and security patches only. For now I'm still regretting the fact I didn't go for Ubiquiti network gear...
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What makes you think Ubiquiti is better?

When it comes to networking with multiple sites and subnets I think Ubiquiti is better. I find Synology's site-2-site VPN quite limited (only full mesh, no routing options), error-prone and difficult to troubleshoot due to lack of logging and feedback in the UI. Plus it sometimes gets into an internal battle with Synology Threat Prevention. In Threat Prevention, there is no way to tell it to ignore packets coming in from the site-2-site VPN interfaces. Eventough I'ved asked Synology via a feature request a long time ago. It may be a difficult one because TP and Site2Site VPN are featured in 2 seperate packets. But due to this there is an unnecessary (bit small) performance degradation and sometimes false positives are detected. That's probaly because it finds it unusual to find LAN-only packets traveling over WAN (for the perspective of TP).

The Mesh works great indeed. Its also ridiculous how easy it is to set it up. It's just a little pitty Synology has ditched the RT1900AC in the gravel as I wonder even tough it's CPU if it still wouldn't be able to set it up as a mesh node.
There was one day something weird with the Mesh. In 2 of my sites, I found for no apparent reason/warning the MR2200AC mesh points stopped using the Ethernet backhaul and switched to WiFi(??). Only after I gave the MR2200AC's a hard reboot it went back to Etherback backhaul. But thats something that can happen with any manufacturer..
I really do like the rt2600 and the mr2200, except that there's no way to set individual ethernet ports to VLANs, or to designate a port to be on the guest network, isolated from the principal network.
Indeed. Hope that will come at some point.
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My view ... look at the physical design = home user. And small business that uses consumer level products out of financial necessity or low complexity. For me the RT2600ac and MR2200ac are working well for our home mesh with no need for multi-site connectivity. They do what I need, but I realise that others will have a more complex requirement, I'm glad that I do not :)

The meshing of sites using secure VPN tunnels and having local Internet access (SD-WAN with integrated security) is currently a hot topic for business. There're enough teething problems in that vendor sector.
They do want I need.
Agreed as well on this. For home usage is fine. The problem is that these models are quickly on the low end of the spectrum with their features for more "techy" users and specific scenarios. But I guess its the same with people getting a J model NAS and what they need is a + one.
I generally really like my RT2600ac. For the most part it's the best router I've ever owned.

The hardware, however, is showing its age, and the software has not been kept up to date with industry standard features in certain key aspects.

My two biggest complaints:

  • IPv6 Support: The implementation is extremely basic and lacks a lot of features that modern v6 setup guides all assume to be present (for example, there's no way to set up ULAs). It's also still extremely buggy and poorly documented. You have to turn on IPv6 in one spot in the interface, but it's not going to work at all until you finish setting it up in a completely different area, and odds are you'll have to ignore whatever instructions your ISP gave you, set everything to Auto, and hope for the best.
  • Old Hardware/Lack of Modern Standards Support: There's not a lot of compute power there for certain things, in particularly due to the lack of hardware acceleration for certain types of calculations. Depreciated standards for certain applications are also still the only available option in certain cases. Some VPN providers, for example, perform extremely poorly due to the router requiring use of an older standard that really needs hardware acceleration that is not present.
My biggest issue is that Synology is marketing a 2017 router as cutting edge technology and still charging $300 for it.
As this topic is on the first update to the new firmware, I have to say this update has not been without it's irritants. Version 1.2.4-8081 was a rock solid update. It installed quickly on my 2600 and 2200's and the network hasn't experienced a hiccup since. Update 1 seemingly took far longer to install, had to reboot/sync my cable modem and 2600 afterwards (didn't have to before) to grab my external IP again, and have had issues of my 2200's falling off the network with a red light, needing to be rebooted and synced to the network. Not exactly show stopper issues, but annoying just the same, and wondering if anything else under the hood is broken. :unsure: I really hate that Synology blocks reverting to previous firmware versions when stuff like this happens.

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