Very odd.. DS Video streaming is fast only when using quick connect!

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Very odd.. DS Video streaming is fast only when using quick connect!

I thought some ISP throttling was going on.. check the connection on both ends, no packet loss on both ends... Both (where the synology and client locations) fast enough connections for full quality video stream without transcoding... The port for DS video is forwarded properly, it connects and I see video thumbnails quickly. The certificate for the ddns is certified and up to date. I am not on DSM 7 yet. No issues found via resource monitor and local streaming is fast.

1) If I connect to DS video via with HTTPS on, video wont stream. It behaves as if the connection is extremely slow.
1b) If I enable HTTP video streaming, same result. No improvement.

2) If I connect via quick connect (just typing 1234abc instead of , it all runs fast as I expected ( I get a certificate mismatch notification but this is unavoidable with quick connect due to the relay?)

Whats going on?
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1) If I connect to my ddns address with https (with video over http or not), OR with http, the video is slow.
2) If I connect via quick connect, with http, the video is streamed fast. Cannot do it with https since the certificate is mismatched (thats fine I want to avoid using quick connect anyways)
3) If I connect via a VPN tunnel (hosted by the same synology device) the performance is good whether I connect using the local IP address and use HTTP, or using HTTPS and the ddns address.

Very odd... It seems to really have an issue with HTTPS going outside the network?
Did you try from a different location (another friend/family place or your mobile phone)?
Also try pinging your public IP address and check the round trip time if possible (I think you did this already).
Yeah I am currently 1000 miles away from the synology, and I have tried it hardwired at a pc, and on a phone both wifi / cellular and the pattern remains. Maybe this is somewhat normal? Is HTTPS supposed to have such a large performance penalty for video (that somehow is improved somewhat when using a VPN to my synology LAN?) ?
I’m not using Video Station any more, but if I recall, there was a setting were you tell it to use https for connection setup (so the username/password are encrypted) and switch to http for streaming.

The other suggestion is to try Plex, Emby or Jellyfin and see if it works better.
Oddly, now it seems to be fine, the only things I did, and I'm not sure if it really did it.. was uninstall the gitlab package (which also used docker and I think is now abandoned and must installed via docker not the synology package manager) then install openspeedtest on docker - which showed my connection to my sever is 5 Mbps faster over https than http within a VPN...

Maybe it was just a misbehaving abandoned docker image causing gremlin issues?..

edit: Going to keep an eye on it, its now late at night so maybe its an ISP peak usage throttling type of thing (though my speed testing both at the remote and client end don't show that) - I'll definitely be giving Emby or Jellyfin a look but I like how if you add a video to video station, it enables seeing thumbnails in DS file when on ios.

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