Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

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Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

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I'm facing very slow download speed when I share a file with someone using DSM "Share file" feature from the web gui (File station).
I can workaround this by giving a direct access to DSM from internet (bypassing the reverse proxy) but it's not a setup I would like to make persistent.

So when a user is accessing the files through :
Other services/applications behind the DSM reverse proxy (hosted on the Synology or on other servers) are not suffering this issue and provide full speed downloads. Only File station sharing is affected.

My current setup is using the DSM Reverse Proxy (in red : slow, in green : Ok) :


The issue seems related specifically to DSM/File station Sharing throttling file transfers when passing through the reverse proxy. Other services OK

HTTPS (443) -> Router -> HTTPS (443) -> DSM Reverse Proxy -> HTTP 5000 -> File station : KO
HTTPS (5001) -> Router -> HTTPS (5001) -> File station : OK
HTTPS (443) -> Router -> HTTPS (443) -> DSM Reverse Proxy -> HTTP 6000 -> Docker A : OK

Any idea on what I could configure to improve the situation ?

Thanks !
@Rusty thanks for your help.

I'm a bit lost. After doing, once again, many other tests form many different network location, from Drive, from File Station, in direct, through reverse proxy I cannot get consistent results. Or at least, just one : everything directly downloaded from the NAS is damn slow (direct or Reverse proxy).

I also have a Plex server hosted on a separate server but it servers/streams files stored on the Synology -> streaming perf (no transcode) of a movie from plex (behind the dsm proxy for a movie stored on the syno) are 10x better than direct download of the same movie file from the NAS from internet (direct or revers proxy). Local network transfert speed between the NAS and devices are Ok but traffic from NAS to internet is awful.

I have a mystery to resolve now. Thanks anyway for your help !
Maybe but no throttling for other services / servers on my lan -> internet, only the nas os affected. I need to investigate using a vpn to see if it changes anything or if my switch has something to do in this issue. The NAS is the only device in the topology using link aggregation.

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