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video station and synology drive question

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I have a friend that does drum covers on youtube that I've been downloading to my pc hard drive for about 8 years. I just installed/setup Video station on my synology and am wondering if the following can be done.

When she releases a new video I dl it to the music directory on my pc's D drive. Is there a way to have drive client or another app automatically grab in and drop it on my nas in the appropriate directory? TIA
Is there any distinguishing way that a sync solution can identify these video files over any other video file?

You could have a NAS shared folder indexed for video and also add it as a Drive Team folder. Then in Drive client have it as a one-way sync task that ignores PC/Mac local deletes.

Fredbert. That would of been perfect but it won't let me as it's already in a backup task. Apparently, you can't have a directory in 2 tasks! I have a small one that backs up directories I write too constantly. Maybe I could remove it from that one a do it that way in a new task. Hmmm, the gears are turning. TY

and set an automatic tast to run in the background. i've been using this programme (the free version) for about ten years probably and it's great.
If it's already backed up to the NAS then you could write a scheduled task to copy the files to somewhere that Video Station will find them (I assume they are named such that a script can find them easily).
I tried. Remove the folder /D:/videos/sina from the main backup and then added it to the sync. However, from what the prompts are saying is that it only syncs from nas to pc, not vice versa.
Ok, I finally got it working even though it makes no sense. I had to use my quickconnect name to link the sync as it wouldn't work with the ip. I do have one complaint, the option to create an empty folder disappeared, Now I have a folder under the one I'm syncing with the same data. O'well, at least it's working. o_O
Well, I thought it was working. I have since added 2 more videos to the music folder, but the nas doesn't seem to see them and hasn't backed them up. Any ideas. TIA

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