Video Station not showing files as expected.

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Video Station not showing files as expected.

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I added a show to my NAS and Video station picked it up and did its thing.
But there is a problem.
The TV show when it aired was 7 episodes
The DVD released is 10 episodes

Mines is the DVD version, the NAS is showing 7 episodes and there is no option for the extra 3 episodes to be manually added, which means although they are physically there on the HDD they don't show
Ive had this problem a few times, where the NAS picks up its episode data wrongly.

How can i fix this... or is it just not possible
Am i better off using another software such as plex (may have the same problem though)
One thing you can try is to deselect TVDB in the admin settings as this forces TV shows to use TMDB, assuming that is enabled.

Check in TMDB that the full 10 episodes are listed first, obviously.

You can re-enable TVDB afterward to keep using it for new files. Though I’d export the tag info of libraries to vsmeta files so any manual stuff is saved.

In VS using folder view sometimes helps to find wrongly tagged files.
Hi Telos,
I went to TVDB and the 10 episode version is there, classed as Unassigned.
I tried renaming my files the same with no change.

TVDB has always been deselected, when i first set this up TVDB wanted paying an annual fee to use the API, so i left it unticked.
As we speak Plex is indexing my folder.
be interesting to see what options i have with this.
Well plex did index the files and give names and information for episodes 1-7, then generic "Episode 8", "Episode9" and "Episode 10"
On further inspection, the information on episodes 1-7 was wrong.
It was correct for the 7 episode version, but the 10 episode version was named differently.
I manually edited all 10 and corrected them.
Not perfect, and long winded, but it works now.

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