DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

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DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

I'm new in DS administration and need help with Video Station.
I found usefull to store tags and cover together with the video. The TMDB API loads tags without problem for almost all video files but the covers are store only in about 20% of files. See screenshot 1.
When I try to get tags, cover and background from TMDB.org I see all tags in the dialog window including the cover picture and background picture, see screenshot 2. But I can't save them by clicking "OK". I get error message "download failed" (I translated message from my native language) - see screenshot 3. And the video remains stored with all text tags but without any picture.

Any advice how to fix it.
Thank you



screenshot 3
Your screenshot reminded me. When I was using Video Station, if I encounter such problems, I used to go and search (DDG/Ping or God forbid, Google ) for the name of the movie, switch to images and use the URL of that image. I think VS caches them, so it should be fine.

For example for Contact (or are you looking for Kontakt? A different movie) try this other URL and see if it works:
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Please see the full url path. It is simple jpg picture.
Hmm, ok that shot my idea down :)

It must be an issue in pulling down the image, or some image parameters that exceed VS's ability. There are limits on image size for DMS desktop images, maybe something similar in VS?

I think VS caches them, so it should be fine.
The image, once saved by VS, will also be included in exported .vsmeta files. If you manually edit an item in VS then its record will be locked from future automatic updating... so the field/image data you've set will be retained in the database. I'm not 100% sure how it handles a complete refresh (e.g. when you open and save, unchanged, the Library settings). I found that having a full export of the .vsmeta files really sped up the rebuild and retained my manually settings.
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Thanks WST16.
I tried to sreate new subdirectory Test: server\video\Test
I copied 1 video file without any *.vsmeta file to the new directory. And same result. Tags were loaded but cover not.
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And same result. Tags were loaded but cover not.
Sorry to hear that. How about if you try something else :)

We have many members here using Plex and I’m (might be the only one) using Emby. You can run one of them with its own media folder and play with it and see if you like it better. Jellyfin is another option too.

If your NAS can run vDSM, you can try it there and if you don’t like it, remove the whole VM. Depending on your needs, you might have to pay something or you might not (license).
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after several fails I did follofing steps:
- remove video station package
- backup all video files
- remove shared folder video
- restart NAS
- install video station package (installation adds "video" directory into root)
- restore all video files into "video" directory
- set up plugin with API code
- set up video station library
and it solved the problem :-D. Majority of covers have been added to the library.
It seems the directory or access rights were harmed.
Thanks to all.
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I don't know if is maybe related. But after DSM 7 upgrade, the NAS took around 3 days before it start to index something on Video Station.

And I also uninstalled and reinstalled it, but I suspect that the issue was that DSM 7 decided to change the RAID 5 to SHR, and maybe this blocked Video Station for some days.
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