Video Station v2.4.9 - now needs *DB API keys to add tags

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Video Station v2.4.9 - now needs *DB API keys to add tags


NAS Support
DS1520+, DS218+, DS215j
  1. RT2600ac
  2. MR2200ac
  3. RT6600ax
  4. WRX560
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
Version: 2.4.9-1626
What's New
  1. Supports configuring the information sources with the Video Info Auto Search feature.
Bug Fixed
  1. Fixed the issue where videos played via a public sharing link might be stuck in the loading status during video playback.
  2. Fixed the issue where the scrollbar on the TV Show page might disappear when the page is refreshed.
  3. Minor bug fixes.
This morning I got a Synology email that had a list of updates from the past couple of months. 'OK', I think, 'will check if there are any updates that Package Center has forgotten to tell me about'. And so I see VS v2.4.8 is listed, newer than my v2.4.7. When checking I find it's now v2.4.9 and adds configuring for tag sources: this sounds useful cos TVDB hasn't always been as good for me as MovieDB. So I do a manual update.

Turns out this new feature is actually removing the built-in use of Synology's API keys for these services and now you have to create an account at each and request an API key yourself. Easy enough to do except adding in my TVDB API key doesn't pass the test; MovieDB API key test works.

If you're struggling to know what to do Synology have added a guide: How to apply for an API key required for the Video Info Auto Search feature. They have helpfully left their API keys visible.... and they work :)
  • TVDB: 1e4302d517e953bcfe7b12a61fe2f2f8
  • MovieDB (TMDB): 109040fd04abad3bc1c69708cc998a01
Maybe I have to wait until the TVDB API key becomes active, in which case I'll use Synology's until then. Or, I may just use MovieDB for both TV Shows and Movies: I tested without TVDB enabled and got MovieDB results for TV shows.
Hi Fredbert
Thanks for this important info.
I have now got my own API's, but the one from TVDB was accompagnied by a remark about ongoing talk with Synology about some support (money!). They claim, that Synology users makes very heavy use of the service.
But on the other hand, I supply a lot of the danish info into the database.

Anyway, I have noticed a strange thing.
1. Edit/enter something in the TVDB.
2. The copy your tv-show to the server.
3. The newly updated data does not appear.
It can take from 1 day to 1 one week before the data is available (through Video Station).

Could it be, that Synology access a copy of the database (taken once a day/week) or is there some other explanation?

Sorry, I've no clue.

I found that until TVDB approved my API key then VS couldn't access any TVDB data, so I think VS is going straight to TVDB's site: why would we need an API key if VS accessed a Synology hosted copy of the database?

You could try using cURL with your API key and requesting a programme's info ... does it get the recently updated info or outdated? If it gets outdated info then it would seem that the API interacts with a database snapshot rather than the live data.

I'd have thought that there would be more load from Plex users than VS.

BTW it took around a day for the TVDB API to get authorised. Mine now works so I no longer use the ones left in Synology's document.

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