Virtual Machine Manager and brtfs volume

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Virtual Machine Manager and brtfs volume

Hi there,

I am currently running 1 volume (SHR2, ext4) on my 5-bay DS.
Now I want to run Virtual Machine Manager, which needs a brtfs volume.

Is it possible to do it this way?
a) make a full backup of volume1 (incl. all apps and settings) to an external disk and again on another external disk
b) degenerate volume1
c) create a new volume1 as SHR2, brtfs
d) restore everything to new volume1

If this makes sense, how to do a) properly?

Or should I have several volumes anyway?
That is correct. Thank you for making me noticed that configuration settings were also mentioned. Config backup (not a complete one) can be backed up using Control Panel > Update and Restore > configuration backup.

DSM 7 may be better and restore more/all settings
There are a lot more options that will be backed up and restored and the fact that they have implemented an option to auto backup to your Synology account is also a great addition.

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