Virtual Machine Manager stuck at loading

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Virtual Machine Manager stuck at loading

DS918+ DS218 (for replication only)
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First time I had to start VMM since DSM 6.2.2-24992 and it's now stuck at Loading.
First: beside the obvious "reboot your NAS", how can one manually stop a running process on DSM? Command line, SSH, etc.?


I managed to get Top running on a SSH connection.... Now what?


and with htop and filter by "virtual" I get this

There are quite a few process to kill
Is the 16011 the right one?
DS918+ DS218 (for replication only)
Syno looked at my logs 🧐, found nothing 🤨and they were just about to remote connect 📞to help me out, when I gathered enough courage to start VMM once more, you know, just in case it'd work (and also because I'm not really keen on granting those tech guys full access to my stuff) and what d'ya know: it's now working --- just like going to the 🦷 . Still no explanation why it got stuck at "loading"...
Anyway, a bit can be only 1 or 0, that's life. It either works or not. This time it did.
I love 6.2.2-24922

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