RT6600ax VLANs support across mulitple RT6600ax to RT2600ac

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RT6600ax VLANs support across mulitple RT6600ax to RT2600ac

I was wondering if any one else has tried this, I have been trying for the last couple of days and seem to be going around in circles.

I have an RT6600AX configured with a IOT vlan this is connected via the Lan port 1 (Trunking) 2.5GB to an unmanaged switch, the RT2600ac via (trunking port) is connected to the same switch, I would like to connect a printer to a Lan port on the RT2600ac in the IOT vlan not the Primary network.

I have tried
Mesh wi-fi point mode, there is very little access to control and you only seem to get the Primary network.
Wireless AP mode, you can setup Vlans but I can't see how to attach them to a port and you only seem to get the Primary network.
Wireless Router mode seems a bit more promising, tried connecting it to the switch via Wan and Lan ports, DHCP on RT6600ax seem to be giving out IP
Address for the IOT vlan but all of the routing is not working, keeps going out to the ISP to find the IOT vlan on the RT2600ac

Any ideas would be much apricated
Thanks Paul
I'm not on SRM 1.3 and only have RT2600ac with MR2200ac as wired-mesh over managed switch, but if someone can help it may help them if you can clarify if your unmanaged switch between then RT6600ax and RT2600ac is dedicated to the IOT VLAN or if you are also connecting other router LAN ports/VLANs to it. I assume that it is dedicated and acts only on the IOT VLAN.

Are the IOT VLANs on both routers tagging packets on their respective LAN ports, or untagged?

You could check the routing tables on each router, also the firewalls.

BTW welcome to the forum.
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Thanks Fredbert

The unmanaged switch between then RT6600ax and RT2600ac is connected to the Primary network set to trunking on both routers if connect to a Lan port, I am not sure what the state is if connected to the Wan port on the RT2600ac

On the RT2600ac, the only mode that you can Tag(Assign) a vlan to a ethernet port is Wireless router mode

I did added a rule to allow all traffic but no joy.

I tried adding routes to the routing table but was not 100% sure I was adding it correctly, I will have to investage further.

Thanks for your help

Cheers Paul
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I'm reading the SRM Help for VLANs...

Configure VLAN tags​

At Network Center > Local Network > Network > VLAN Tag, you can see how traffic from each port is tagged with VLAN tags (VIDs), allowing you to configure managed switches or other devices that require VIDs. There are two types of tagging status:

  • Untagged: This status is displayed when the Ethernet port belongs to a specific local network (i.e., VLAN). Frames transmitted over this port will be untagged from the local network.
  • Tagged: This Ethernet port can carry frames tagged with the VID of this local network even if it belongs to another local network.

To enable auto trunking:​

Trunk ports carry network traffic for multiple local networks (i.e., VLANs). They can be connected not only to network switches for VLAN purposes, but also to Wi-Fi points.

SRM supports auto trunking, which automatically turns your Synology Router's Ethernet ports into trunk ports when they are assigned to the primary local network. To enable it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Network Center > Local Network > Network > VLAN Tag.
  2. Click Configure VLAN Tag.
  3. Select the Ethernet ports for which you wish to enable auto trunking. There are two types of results after you enable auto trunking for the ports:
    • Trunk port: The Ethernet port that can transmit traffic for multiple VLANs. It is used for the connection to a network switch or a Wi-Fi point.
    • Access port: The Ethernet port that can only transmit traffic for the VLAN it belongs to. This type of port can only be connected to end devices.
  4. Confirm the settings and click OK.


  • Only ports belonging to the primary network can be configured as trunk ports.
  • If you have Wi-Fi points connected via Ethernet or managed switches requiring VIDs, please make sure the ports connected to them are trunk ports.

Have you tried assigning the IOT VLAN's RT6600ax port as an Access port? That should dedicate it to the IOT VLAN and then the unmanaged switch and RT2600ac will only be on this subnet, being physically isolated from any other VLAN.

When you assign as a Trunk port the VLAN IDs of each packet need to be handled by the other hardware devices, and the unmanaged switch won't do this. You'll probably have better luck with a managed switch.
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Hi Guys

Thanks guys for all of your help.

I have read and understand the Configure VLAN Tags and have spent many days if not weeks trying to get the VLAN\Network idea to work, the closest I got to getting it to work was a choice between Name resolution or Internet Access. I could add a Default Root and it would all work perfectly but when the Rt2600ac rebooted the default root would be gone, if I could find a way to make the default root persistent, that would resolve all of the issues.

I ended up just plugging the printer into the RT2600ac USB port, which works fine.

Thanks again, Paul
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