VM Backup without VMM Pro?

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VM Backup without VMM Pro?

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I have a DS1817+ running VMM with 3 VMs. I was originally using the VMM beta which enabled HA and snapshot replication to my second DS1817+. Once the beta was over, the license reverted after updating the app to the release version. I have no need of the VMM Pro subscription, though would have pony'd up for a perpetual license. 2 of the 3 VMs are for testing. The 3rd is one I'd rather not lose.

Checking with Synology support, I found out that there is no way to bacukp a local VM snapshot of the NAS without using VMM Pro and having another node. I found that rather odd, as "backup" is a huge branding effort for Synology. Today, right on their home page: "You want to backup unlimited VMs?". Great, as long as they are not VMM VMs? None of their backup products (Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business) can backup VMM VMs.

Everything else on the unit is backed-up. I'm flummoxed they don't offer a basic off-device backup solution or integrate the ability into Hyper Backup. Or at least let us copy the snapshot off the device manually.

This came to the fore due to my main DS1817+ failing to power up after a normal shutdown this morning. I've just RMA'd it. I sent support a message asking if my VMs will be recoverable once I migrate the drives to the replacement unit. I'm hoping so. But what about a total unrecoverable volume crash?

Am I missing something?


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You are not missing anything. vmm pro or the option to stop vm and the export it, copy it over scenario (replicate with snap as well if you want). Sucks but those are the options

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