Solved VMM: Storage Degraded

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Solved VMM: Storage Degraded

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VMM is reporting that the storage allocated for it is 'Degraded'. I've searched about this but only been able to find articles about the 'main storage pool', not the one allocated in VMM.

I've exported the VMs I want to keep. So should I just delete/remove the storage pool, create a new one, then import the VMs?
Usually the storage is a compatible BTRFs volume (your NAS volumes that are BTRFs), so are you sure that the Storage Manager is not reporting your volume being degraded?

Can you share some images?
Sure, here's VMM
2020-07-17 @ 10.51.13 Cleanshot@2x.jpeg

And here's the 'regular' storage
2020-07-17 @ 10.52.04 Cleanshot@2x.jpeg

…actually, I've just realised the pool is repairing itself after replacing one disk with a larger one. Maybe that's causing what's reported in VMM? And maybe (hopefully) it would return back to normal once repairing has completed?
Correct. That is the reason. You have degraded the volume by upgrading the drive. Now the volume is working fine but it will take time for itself to repair. After that, all will return to "normal". Hope you don't lose the drive in this process considering that you have 1 drive redundancy setup.

Would advise to not use the NAS that much, especially with write operation until this process completes.

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